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Drabble:Velvetleaf (aka Happy Birthday Pol!)

Title: Velvetleaf

Rating: FR15

Fandom: Torchwood/Dr. Who

Pairing: Capt. Jack/Buffy

Challenge: #65 mischief managed

Disclaimer: I do not own these characters and I am making no profit from the use of them.


Spoilers: Possible spoilers for Dr. Who season 3. It’s not blatant and if you read this real quick you’ll miss it. ;)


She was smiling again, a quick flash of straight white teeth that pulled at the corners of his own mouth and he lifted his hand to rub a thumb over the slope of her cheek. It smeared the drop of velvetleaf and he arched a brow, hand rising to catch the wrist that was aiming a paintbrush dipped in the same pale green for the side of his face.
“You always resort to violence.”
She put a bit more strength behind the brush. “You always retaliate in kind.”
“You’re right.” He flashed his teeth and stepped forward, pushing her into the newly painted wall and green eyes widened. The paintbrush falling to the plastic covered floor as Buffy twisted them and Jack suddenly found his back pressed to the damp stickiness of fresh paint—the sensation wasn’t entirely unpleasant.
Her eyes narrowed with the darkening of his gaze, “You’re such a—”
His hands rose, cupping her face and pulling her forward. His mouth settled over hers, effectively shutting Buffy up and as her body melted against his front and her lips parted under his own Jack promised himself to thank the good Doctor for introducing him to another fact.
The End.
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Boy you know how to make me a happy birthday gal. :D

*sigh* Those two are so pretty together. I love how playful they were together and how much fun they were having. And *swoon* over how he shut her up.

*goes away grinning madly and cuddles drabble*