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Drabble:What She is Now

Title: What She is Now
Word Count: 200
Rating: FR13
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters and no profit is being made from the use of them.
FFA: Willow/The Ninth Doctor (Dr. Who)
Note: Prequel to Velvetleaf and another prezzie for Pol. 

What She is Now
“You stupid ape.” The whispered words vibrated with his fury. 
“W-what?” Willow stuttered and looked up at the Doctor in horror as he shook his head and turned away from his perusal of Buffy to stare down at her through narrowed eyes. 
“Do you know what you’ve done? Do you have any idea what you’ve done? What you’ve created?”
“I brought Buffy back. I brought her back to life.” This wasn’t right; he was supposed to be proud, impressed with her accomplishment and how far she had come since the last time they met when she accidentally summoned the Time Lord. 
“For how long? How will she die? When will she die?” He turned toward her, lips pulled up with a sneer and his accent thickened with his mounting rage.
“She’ll die when it’s her time.” He snorted and Willow’s eyes narrowed, “She’s human—”
“Is she? Really? You know this for a fact? Because that’s what she is now. A fact.” He turned away from her in disgust.

“You, you? You’ve taken her humanity. You’ve taken her ability to die. She won’t die. She can’t. Not anymore.”
Willow’s stomach dropped, opened. “Because of me?”
“Because of you.”
The End.
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I've only seen two episodes with the Tenth Doctor so I didn't want to even attempt his voice. Of course I think I like the Ninth Doctor more but that's just me. ;)

Plus if it's the Ninth Doctor and this happens right after the resurrection it coincides nicely with the Tenth Doctor meeting back up with Capt. Jack and telling him that Buffy exists happens after Chosen. *beams* I like when timelines match up.

I’m glad you like this little ‘verse I think there might just be more of it lurking around in my muse. *hugs*
Yeah, the tenth does have a different voice from the nineth, so totally understandable. I was really worried about not liking the tenth and it took me several eps before I made a final decision. But I love his scenes with Rose so that may be what sold me and I just don't like Martha. Something about her irritates me.

Ooh, but I like the timing idea. Sweet. *sighs* Capt. Jack and Buffy....

And SQUEEE for more. :D *smoochies*