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Comment on this post. I will choose seven interests from your profile and you will explain what they mean and why you are interested in them. Post this along with your answers in your own journal so that others can play along.

Archeology: My father is a huge history buff and watched the history channel everyday before dinner and more often than not requested the kids watch with him if it wasn’t too violent. (IE war documentaries) My brother and sister hated it but I remember listening, fascinated by how the world evolved and societies developed. I began reading history books and watching more with my dad, it became ‘our’ time. When I started college I went with a clear goal: to study Archeology and Anthropology with a minor background in Egyptology so that I could one day pursue a career as a museum curator which meant I could do the research and publish findings without the worries of grants. *sigh* But alas money became and issue and I had to give up my dream because it was an impossibility for me to get my MA or a PHD which is a requirement of the job. I still get an Archeology digest each month to keep me updated and when I have the time I take courses at the local community college but I’ve decided to pursue a career in teaching with the far off dream that one day I will work in a museum.
Bettie Page: Aside for the fact that she was the greatest pinup of all time? Bettie Page was such a fascinating contrast in her photographs. From sweet to naughty or the girl next door to the girl you’d never take home to meet mom. She was the epitome of sexy and vivacious and her career inspired Dita Von Teese to give up porn and pursue burlesque which was one of the greatest career moves I’ve ever seen a porn star make.
Buddhism: While working on a fanfic I was doing research on Buddhism since one of the characters usually spoke in Buddhist proverbs and held to Buddhist beliefs. So I decided to read the Buddhist Scriptures and became fascinated. I think it ties into my love for anything of the past and research but the concepts and ideals were intriguing so I’ve read a few more books on the subject/religion and continue to enjoy them. *shrugs* All that interest from one little fanfic.
Kevin Smith: Is wonderfully tongue in cheek and has a firm (while comical) grasp on how the twenty-something mind works. The first movie I saw that he directed was Chasing Amy and I fell in love. Not with the acting (cause Ben Affleck was in it) but with the story, the emotion and how he managed to have the movie not have a happy ending but still end on a good note. It was interesting and wonderful and then I saw Dogma and was hooked. Clerks was fantastic. Mallrats I could have lived without and Vulgar made my stomach turn but he still had those underlining themes. If you look past the dick and fart jokes there’s usually a moral and something worthwhile to be learned.
Lotus: When I was learning the art of Chinese Brush Painting I always found a lotus in my work, no matter what I was painting it was there. The lotus grows in damp swampy areas, which means it pushes its through the mud and muck to reach the surface of the water and then blooms into this gorgeous flower. I know it’s cheesy but I tend to take that as a metaphor that if I keep striving through all the hardships that eventually they’re going to make me stronger and a better more beautiful person.
Paganism: Again this ties into Archeology and my fascination with the past. I find any type of folk religion and cultic practices and beliefs intriguing. It’s well worth sifting through all the false crap to get to the meat and bones beneath. I’m not a practicing pagan but I am slowly beginning to see the merits of this culture.
Teddy Bears: When I was obsessed with Carebears and by the time I got into elementary school my collection overflowed my bed and was threatening to take over my entire room. So my mother came up with this idea to show me a high end, high priced teddy bear that’s fur was like spun silk. I adored it and she said that I could have it if I gave up five Carebears to the goodwill. I did and she slowly got rid of my Carebears for top of the line, sometimes not allowed to touch, high priced teddy bears. I’ve loved them ever since and now every few years I get one for Christmas as a surprise gift from ‘Santa.’ I got the last one when I was 23 and I swear I squealed more over that teddy bear (whose fur is made of cashmere) than the diamond necklace my then girlfriend gave me. I think she was a little pissed but oh well.
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Working on it. Each answer is like a mini-novel so it is taking me just a wee longer than I thought it would. It should be done soon though :)
Can you recommend any sites that might have more information on Buddhism? I've always been fascinated by it, but I've found that most of the information about it seems to come from people who don't have much respect for it as a religion.
I love your explanation for the lotus, by the way. I've been considering getting a tattoo of something like that. Now, I'm even more inspired to do so.