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Fic:One Word

Title: One Word
Progress: 24/100
Word Count: 300
Prompt: #48 Hate
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters and no profit is being made from the use of them. 

One Word
The antiseptic was cold against the abrasions on her knuckles and she watched dispassionately as Isaacs cleaned her wounds. His touch was gentle as he rotated her wrist and probed her shoulder, checking for strains in the muscles until his chilled touch found its way to her neck. She winced, breath coming out as a hiss when his fingers found where he had gripped her.
Her eyes narrowed and the doctor shifted, pulling out his penlight to take a closer look at the quickly forming bruises marring her skin. “How did these happen?”

Her gaze was drawn to her opponent’s still form, lips pulling down as Isaacs palpated her flesh. “He picked me up.” Her voice sounded thin, hollow to her own ears with the cotton packed into her nostrils, a precaution until Isaacs could give her a full examination.
“With one hand?”
Green eyes narrowed and she shifted them to the side, watched Isaacs out of her peripheral vision and confirmed, “One hand.”
His disinterested ‘hmmm’ set her teeth on edge and she shifted, drawing herself from his touch and drew his focus back to her abused face. She opened her mouth, prepared herself to ask him how a normal man could bust his way through a wall, but a cultured voice spoke one word. One word, that was barely above a whisper, pulled her away from her perusal and mounting anger with Isaacs.
“Fascinating.” The skin along her arms tightened with that one pleasure filled word.
She turned and saw the reverence on Cain’s face as he gazed down at the man she had bludgeoned to death. At the life she had taken. Those pale blue eyes lifted, met hers and she saw approval and more death in that watery gaze.
She looked into Cain’s eyes and hated him.
The End.
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Thanks! Real life is still kicking my tush but I'm trying not to let this story get pushed aside.