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Title: Gainsayer
Progress: 25/100
Word Count: 275
Prompt: #58 Villain
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters and no profit is being made from the use of them. 

Deft fingers held her head stationary as Isaacs removed the bits of cotton from her nostrils with elongated tweezers. Her eyes fluttered close, lashes settling against the slopes of her cheeks with a wince when he gave a none too gentle tug to dislodge the last one that was being held in place with dried blood. His hold loosened as he studied the burst capillaries beneath her eyes. The vibrant reds and purples that had colored her skin just hours before had faded to a sickly green.
The hand gripping her chin slipped up to cup her face and he watched her brows pull together, eyes opening as he cupped the swollen cheek that had kissed the wall. Blue eyes shifted from hers, dropped as his thumb rubbed at the dust covering her like some pale rouge. His hand stilled as he felt her tense and his gaze returned to hers, watched the distrust leak into the dark green of her eyes. Watched it swim upward until all she saw before her was a monster, a threat.
“Perhaps a day or two of rest with the Angela and Charles would be beneficial?” She blinked, head cocking in a way that drew her completely from his touch without looking as if she were pulling away from him—clever girl.
“And training? Cain prefers—”
“I’ll handle Cain.” Her brows rose quickly with his interruption and he mentally berated himself for allowing the contempt for his counterpart to leak into his voice. “I’d prefer you only attempt your intellectual training for the next day or so.”
He offered her a slight quirking of his lips, “Doctor’s orders.”
The End.
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