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Drabble:That Man

Title: That Man

Rating: FR15

Word Count: 100

Disclaimer: I do not own these characters. Joss and Eric do and bless their little hearts and large imaginations.


That Man
She kisses like rain, falling sweetly in tune with the beat of his heart as he attempts to catch his breath. Her lips skimming the plans of his chest, down his abdomen to dip teeth and then tongue into his navel.
It swirls, a quick wetness that steals his thoughts and sparks a warmth at the base of his spine. A warmth that stumbles him, humbles him as she steals him from the loneliness and makes him real. Makes him wish, for a moment, an instant that he was normal and prefect and the man she wants him to be.
The End.
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That's just sadly beautiful sweetie. Man, you have such a way with words. Conveying SO much emotion without having to ramble on for pages upon pages. Truly beautiful!
My muse appears to be bouncing all over the emotional forum and 'verses. It's refreshing to be writing again but so damn frustrating since I don't have the time I use to, to actually sit down and write. *sigh* That's life I suppose.