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Five Ways to Know You’re Uber Sick

Or God dammit! Why won’t this cold go away already?!
1)     When a customer that’s yelling suddenly stops when you speak and asks if you’re okay.
2)     When the menthol in the cough drops begins to upset your stomach ‘cause you’ve taken too many—and I didn’t know that you could take too many cough drops.
3)     When you’re drinking a cup of tea and it takes you three sips to realize you used the salt dispenser, not the sugar.
4)     When it finally drops down to below 50 in Florida and you can’t tell.
5)     When you work in retail, during the busiest time of the year and your boss sends you home early and THANKS you for coming in.
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*sends you much sympathy from her sickbed.

4) When it finally drops down to below 50 in Florida and you can’t tell.

or when its July in Texas and you can take a nap in your car without getting heatstroke?
*sends you chicken noodle soup*

I woulda sent cough drops, but it sounds like you OD'ed on 'em already so I'll keep those in Kentucky.

Hope yah get to feeling better soon. *warm wishes*
*cuddles the sick Ava* Sorry to hear you're not well. And boy are you a trooper, when I get that ill even I refuse to go to work if I'm that sick unless I've got a major deadline coming up.

*sends virtual hot chocolate and hugs*
You win.

I have a cold, too. And lately I've been feeling like a fucking Kafka character, because all I can do is sit around and just wait for the damn thing to stop. I actually decided tonight to move some of my shelves, which means I can't lay down until I take everything off of the bed and put it back where it belongs.
[sends homemade chicken soup]

Yes, there are actual warnings on many cough drop labels about not taking them too close together or exceeding a certain amount in a given day.

Retail and sick this time of year are definitely unmixy things so I'm glad your boss appreciated your effort at getting out of bed and making it in.

I do hope that it miraculously clears up a.s.a.p. so that you're able to enjoy the holidays, hon.
Oh baby, my poor baby, you need to get some chicken noodle soup, a hot shower, and so mucho powerful drugs. Seriously.

I shouldn't have laughed at your discomfort - really - but I just couldn't help it.

*hugs you* I hope you feel better. Do you want a care package? Will porn help?
*hugs* I am so sorry you're so under the weather. *cuddles*

Ugh, cough drops are evil for that reason! EVIL! Especially cherry flavored ones because ICK and they make my mouth taste funny.

Eep, salt and tea? Like a salt water tea, you could start a fad.