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Happy New Year!!!

So it’s a new year with new prospects and instead of resolutions (which are so passé) I’ve been informed that goals are less scary and more easily achieved. (thanks Pol) So I compiled a small list of goals that I plan to achieve in this brand spankin’ new year. 
  1. Break 400,000 words published on TtH. It’s not a lofty goal since I’ll only have to write about 40,000 words but I think I’m more likely to achieve it than say 500,000. *shudders* That would put my muse in a panic that she might not come out of for months.
  1. I will not have sex with any of my ex-girlfriends or boyfriends. It seems like an odd goal but I have this horrible habit of making the same mistake over and over. Plus I’m going up to GA where my ex-girlfriend is stationed at the moment and when her and I get together I usually loose my head but this last visit we only cuddled which is much easier on my heart.
  1. I will not fire anyone unless they really, really deserve it. We let go of our seasonal associates and I had to fire about 17 people in a three day span. I’m not a heartless bitch (though I’m sure some of you have assumed this) and it sucked. I hate upsetting people for no reason other than the other managers (besides the store manager) are wussy bitches.
  1. Okay so this last one is the one least likely to be achieved but I’m gonna list it anyways. I want to finish Hollow Places this year. *ducks possible projectiles* I know, I know I’ve been working on the damn thing since 2005 but I think maybe, just maybe this year I can buckle down and finish her. *crosses fingers but doesn’t hold her breathe* I hope.
So those are my goals. Crazy, random but mine and here’s to me achieving them. I wish everyone a fantastic new year and I hope this one treats us better than the last.
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Were you aware this is three days late? *snickers as I duck*

Yay for goals! My goal is to reach 100,000 words at TTH (about 8,000 more to go). I don't think I'll catch up with you anytime soon even with my sudden muse spike for NCIS.
*sticks out tongue*

That's a fantastic and I'm all for your NCIS spike bringing you closer to any goal. ;)

*raises an eyebrow* Does this mean I need to post my goals now too?

And yay for Hollow Places!!! But you already knew that. ;)
Yes, yes you should post your goals. *hugs* And I really hope to get 'Hollow' done but I'm afraid to make it #1 and then my muse run and hide.

Your word goal is beyond impressive, actually your current total is, too. (Seems to me goal four would accomplish goal one. *g* ;p)

I definitely hope 2008 is good to you, Ava.
*smoooooooch* I hope the new year treats your right too sweets!

Goal four may accomplish goal one but this last chapter seems to stop at 6,000 words instead of the regualer 10,000. I'm hoping that just means I'm ready to hop onto chapter 9 and I can post chapter 8. *crosses fingers*
Good luck with your goals. :) I was thinking of having targets instead of resolutions. That way if they don't work out I can always shoot them before the end of the year.
Yep. That's why goals work for me. I can just keep attempting to reach them rather than fixating on one main resolution.

And you should post them so that others can lend you their support and poke you randomly to see how you're doing. ;)

And 400,000 words works for the work and soon to be school schedule I'll have this year. *beams* I'm so excited to get started.
I've never thought you were a heartless bitch. More of a badass than me, sure. But not heartless at all, and not a bitch.
I've got a goal, too. I'm thinking of entering NaNoWriMo and actually trying to write something original this year. Everyone keeps telling me I'm a damn good writer. It's time for me to try writing something I can be proud of, and maybe have published.
Oh! That's a fantastic goal and you should! Original fiction is harder in my eyes to get going that fanfiction.
Thanks. I agree. I figured today would be a good time to get started, and I'm a little overwhelmed, but I'm at least giving it a try.
Just remember that it's not always what you write or how much, it's the effort you put forth that should count—especially in the beginning.