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Fic:No Doubt

Title: No Doubt
Word Count: 350
Progress: 28/100
Prompt: #08 Illness
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters and no profit is being made from the use of them. 

No Doubt
The first blow that connected was solid and with her abdomen. It bent her at the waist, forcing her breath out with a harsh grunt that burned her throat. Her hands wrapped around the wrist attached the fist currently buried in her stomach and she stepped forward, twisting her right shoulder down so that it connected with his sternum and her newest opponent stumbled back a step.
Brown eyes narrowing as he regained his footing and sent a sharp kick forward. Her forearm rose, blocking the blow and she stepped into him, brought her knee up for a snap kick that would put the steel toe of her boot into the bottom of a strong chin. His head angled at the last moment and her balanced toppled with the miss, spilling her ass first onto the rough mat.
Straight, white teeth were flashed down at her but he wisely stepped back rather than offering her a hand up and her brow quirked before she rose and raised her fists. He mirrored her stance and waited for an opening as she shifted to the right, boots crossing over one another as they circled and she kept her face neutral, voice casual as she stated, “Not that I don’t enjoy the change of venue and company…” She trailed off as he lunged and she blocked, dancing out of his reach, “But where’s my team?”
He stilled and met her gaze, “On a mission.”
Her jaw clenched and she tried to ignore the spark of unease with his answer. “A mission?”
“Yes, ma’am.”
Her lips quirked, “Ma’am? Aren’t you higher than I am in the security hierarchy?”
“My mother taught me to be polite.”
“Well Olivera, did your mother also teach you how to get your ass handed to you by a girl?”
Those very white teeth were flashed at her again, “No, I believe Rain did that my first week here.”
“Well you’re in for a treat,” his head inclined and her lips spread slow and wide, “I’m a hell of a lot meaner than Rain.”
“Of that I have no doubt.”
The End.
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Awesome little piece. lol.. Brilliant I love Resident evil just got the latest movie on Tuesday lol.. it's just brilliant..
Thank you, I hoped you liked the rest of them as much as this one. And it was a fantastic movie, wasn't it?
Your fics actually make me want to watch Resident Evil, even though I heard it's not all that great.

I haven't written anything for the new BuffyxDean challenge, but I was wondering if you would beta it for me when I do? The deadline is February 1st, and I plan to write at least one story. Possibly two.
That's a pretty compliment, my little drabbles make you want to watch a movie that doesn't normally interest you. Thanks!

As for the beta'ing: sure. Fair warning though I tend to take a little while to send things back since my work schedule will be hectic till at least the end of Jan. due to inventory. Which means I usually have about a 4 to 6 days turnaround for beta'ing.