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Drabble :: Tighten

Title :: Tighten
Characters/Pairings :: Oliver/Clark/Buffy
Fandom :: Smallville, BtVS
Rating ::FR18
Warning :: Slash/Threesome
Word Count :: 300
Disclaimer :: I do not own these characters and no profit is being made from the use of them.
Note :: Sequel to ‘To Get To Who’

She wasn’t sure why she was still standing but Oliver’s teeth finding purchase on the swell of her hip and the gentle sweep of Clark’s lips over the line of warm skin above her jeans might have had something to do with it. Their heads brushed, blonde and black intermingling before they turned, their mouths meeting and no matter how many times Buffy saw them kiss it never failed to tighten things low in her body.
She swallowed past a suddenly dry throat as Oliver’s hand flexed around her calf and she watched the other mimic the movement to the front of Clark’s jeans. Those skilled hands forced Clark’s mouth open wider, bringing more tongue than finesse into their kiss. The boys’ embraces were always fascinating to watch and tended to be harsher, full of teeth and searching tongues. Moments in time that pulled at the pit of her stomach and brought with them a wash of heat just from witnessing such a breathtaking act or remembering it later when their hands were replaced with her own and she brought herself on just the memory.
Said hands rose to cup the back of their heads, fingers running through Ollie’s styled spikes, ruining the effect. While the other fisted in Clark’s, wound those silken strands around her fingers, while she marveled at the soft texture. A hand, she wasn’t sure whose, hooked into the front of her jeans and tugged. Bringing her to her knees and she rocked forward in the hay covering the barn floor before Clark’s mouth was pressed to hers and Oliver’s deft fingers were unhooking her bra.
A girl could get use to this was her last coherent thought before Ollie’s lips and teeth found her nipple and Clark remembered that she wasn’t made of spun glass.
The End.
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oh man, I don't watch Buffy but she is one LUCKY girl! And yay for sequels! This was fun! :)

Thanks for writing & sharing!

P.S. Can I put this on my Clark/Ollie list?
Glad you liked it and sure, you can post this to your list...though can I have a link to it? I might want to join if I haven't already.
Yay. This was one hot ass threesome. I, of course, would love more especially in this short drabble/ficlet form. I love how you manage to pack so much into such a small amount of words. And you always have me wanting more, but that is part of the fun!

Great job.
Hee! Threesomes are always fun and messy. I just need to kick my muse out of drabble form so that I can actually write the sweaty this particular threesome disserves...of course I want to write more Buffy/Vala smut too. *rolls eyes* The way I write Buffy you’d think she was some humongous slut or incredibly lucky.
*thud* I think I may be dead from the hotness....

damn, and I hardly even like Clark, and yet, put him with these two and suddenly I'm finding myself attracted.

Brilliant sequel, darlin'!
A girl could get use to this was her last coherent thought before Ollie’s lips and teeth found her nipple and Clark remembered that she wasn’t made of spun glass.

A girl could so get used to that, and how I would love to be that girl. Clark/Oliver are beyond pretty separately, together I'm not sure my heart could take it. But what a way to go, hee:) Anywho, great sequel, but is there any chance we'll get a longer smuttier version. Or the threesome of Cameron/Buffy/Daniel that you promised after "Still I Rise?" No pressure, just curious.
Possibly more of muse is finally getting SPN'ed out and wants to vent my other plot bunnies. First on my list is the Cam/Buffy/Daniel since I already have the opening scene written and the rest plotted.