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So I want to dance. It’s been forever and a day since I went to the clubs, got my drink on and then let loose on the dance floor like I use to in college and the few years following when I partied more than I should have. I miss the feel of the base, the hitch to the treble and that breathless moment when the beat slows and you know you should be inhaling ‘cause the tempo’s about to kick up but you’re too excited to breathe and then you just let loose.
I can not for the life of me sing or play a musical instrument but as the old saying goes those that like music can’t always play and dancing is a whole ‘nother thing. I’ve never been professionally trained or anything like that. It’s just that thrill of the movement (besides the old hip sway and pelvic thrust) that draws me in and doesn’t let me go till the lights come up and the music stops. It can be to hip hop, rock or best of all techno and I will shake it like the world is ending tomorrow and I want to enjoy every hedonistic moment I can.  
*sigh* I need to get out of the house next weekend and just let loose.
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My best friend has been wanting to go out for awhile. She's planned some kind of clubbing trip in March, crazy! I guess I'll have to go or be disowned as a friend forever - haha! And you are right, there is nothing quite like moving to music.
*nods* Disownment is clearly possible in this situation so I'd tread lightly. Though a clubbing trip sounds like a dream right now. *pouts* Is it Saturday yet?
Okay, if it's not my friends talking about having martini's *whimpers* then it's dancing. Man dancing while preggers? So not the same thing. I love going out to dance and can't wait for those nights to happen post-baby.
I'm sure your preggers dancing is adorable and pfft! to any naysayers. It's not how you move, just that you move and if you're having fun: does anyone else really matter?

I’d dance with you pregnant or not in a heartbeat. *smoooooch*