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Drabble :: Nothing More

Title :: Nothing More
Word Count :: 200
Disclaimer :: I do not own these characters and no profit is being made from the use of them. Fandom :: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Spoilers :: If you know who Cameron is you will not be spoiled.
Challenge :: 72 ‘remembered and forgotten’ @ tthdrabbles
Synopsis :: Cameron had a mission to perform before finding, tracking and protecting John Connor. 

Nothing More

His steps quickened, hands slipping into his jacket pockets to ward off the chill that slipped down his spine. Alabama’s weather was colder than California in the fall—at least his project would keep inside.
“Warren Mears?”
He missed a step and stumbled before managing to regain his footing. Warren spun, only to have his eyes widened at the sight of an attractive brunette standing behind him. “C-can I help you?”
Her lips lifted at the corners and she stepped forward, into the cast of a nearby streetlight. It outlined her curved figure wrapped in flannel and jeans as she asked, “Are you Warren Mears?”
“I—ah, yes.”
Her pleasant smile faded. “Thank you.”

His brows pulled together, head cocking before he stumbled back when she raised a gun. “Wait! What—”
His words were cut short as the bullet impacted, lifting him slightly before he collapsed to the pavement. He blinked, felt the blood as it warmed his side, as it saturated his sweater and his attacker moved to stand over him. Her brown eyes burned a brilliant blue before she lifted her arm, took aim at the center of his face and then Warren Mears knew nothing more.  
The End.

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Ooo!! That is so awesome in the "I would never have thought of that" moment!

Great drabblage!!

This plot bunny came to me during tonight’s episode. I did a little research ('cause I had forgotten already) that Cameron found John and Sarah in 1999 and Warren built the Buffybot in 2001. Which means he had to be working on his girlfriendbot in at least 1999. *beams* The timelines meshed nicely.
It does mesh wonderfully!

And the Buffybot is so going into terminator territory. Now you've got me pondering things when I've got several fics on my plate....

*taps foot and glares*

*slips the fledgling plot bunny a radish*

If my muse is obsessed with a Buffybot/Replicators fic I think it's more than fair that yours get a little tickled at by a Buffybot/Terminator: TSCC fic.
The timelines mesh and I squee'ed a little when I realized that. Glad you liked it and maybe someday I can write more crosses between these two 'verses.
Sweetie, I can't even begin to tell you the *squeeee* I had to hold back (cause I read this in my office). Oh my. I'm so pleased, tickled, excited, etc-etc that you wrote Cameron. Seriously, I want to write some Terminator fic, but it was just wonderful to read what you've come up with.

Nice tie-in with Cameron eliminating Warren before finding John.
You should write some! Cameron needs more face time in fics. I've got another bunny trying to wiggle his way into the spotlight--the little floppy eared bastard.

Anyhoo, who doesn't want to off Warren every once and awhile in a fic? I mean he did have it coming.

Do you mind if I shoot you an email in regards to this bunny so you can tell me if it's plausible or not?