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Drabble Series :: Favorite Things

Series Title :: Favorite Things
Disclaimer :: I do not own these characters and no profit is being made from the use of them.
Challenge :: #73 favorite things @ tthdrabbles
Fandom :: Stargate SG-1
Pairing :: Buffy/Daniel (what? I have a soft spot for them)

Title :: Rain Drops on Roses
Word Count :: 200
Green eyes widened, staring in awe at the lavender roses creating the most exquisite display being presented before her, for Buffy to inspect. A hand rose, fingers absently rubbing a velvet petal as her gaze lifted and she felt her lips spreading of their own accord.
“Whoever they’re for will love them. They’re stunning, Daniel.”
The bouquet lowered and Buffy found herself meeting his amused gaze as he laid them across her desk, “Ready for the briefing?”
She flinched. “Any chance I can skip it?”

”Not if you’re the one heading it.”

“Well crap.”
He laughed, “Come on. The coffee in my lab is a cure-all for jittery nerves.”

“A scientific term I picked up from Sam.”
With a sigh she stood and grabbed her jacket from the back of the chair before slipping it on. Her fingers wrapped around her hair and tugged it free of the collar as she turned and saw Daniel waited for her at the entrance to her office. She stepped away from her desk and then paused, turned back and grabbed the flowers off her ledger. “You forgot these.”

His eyes gathered at the corners, “No, I didn’t.”
“Oh,” her eyes widened. “Oh!”

Title :: Whiskers on Kittens
Word Count :: 200
“I think I’ll name you Ralph.”
Daniel glanced up from the glyphs he’d been studying for the last hour to see Buffy offering a spare shoelace to a ball of fur that chased after the end. He shook his head, “You shouldn’t name him.”
The kitten tumbled head of heels into the wall Daniel was attempting to translate as Buffy frowned, “Why not?”

“Because you can’t keep him.”
“Yeah huh.”

“You can say no to that face?” Daniel’s brows rose with the fact that the kitten was now staring up at him with very large, very green eyes. He frowned down at him as Buffy finished with, “Besides you keep people all the time!”
“She’s got you there, Jackson.”
He sent Cam a ‘not helping’ glance before he turned back to Buffy, “I do not.”
“You collected that linguist from PX8-34-whatisit last month!”
“His planet was imploding!”
“Ralph’s planet could implode!” She frowned at Daniel’s arched brows, “Okay, in about a billion years but still!”
“I’ll ask the general. The worst he can do is say no.”
Daniel sighed, watched as the kitten—newly named Ralph—wobbled his way back to Buffy and her shoestring of fun.

Title :: Bright Copper Kettles
Word Count :: 200
She meticulously stirred the two teaspoons of hot water into the cocoa and sugar mixture, wetting out the pigment until the contents of each mug became reflective. Turning the spoon curved side up she poured the milk over it and into the mixture, filling each up another inch or so before popping the spoon in her mouth and letting the two mugs just sit.
Buffy stepped back from the counter and grasped the copper kettle to dump out most of the hot water. Leaving the spoon in the sink she turned to the stove and dropped off the kettle before grabbing the mugs and heading to the back door. She stepped over a sleeping Ralph and smiled down at the growing ball of fluff before knocking her elbow against the sliding glass door. 
Her nose wrinkled when the bitter wind swept into her home and Ralph woke with a mewl of protest as she slipped outside. A shiver chased its way down her spine as she handed Daniel his mug and they made their way to the swing bench he had cleared off. They settled back, hips pressed together and hands cupping the warm ceramic as they watched the sunset.

Title :: Warm Woolen Mittens
Word Count :: 100
Their first date wasn’t suppose to start with Daniel being spilled on his ass and Buffy trying her damnedest to keep a straight face. The metal of her skates made competent strikes against the ice as she made her way to him and offered a hand.
His brows quirked, “I think it’s safer down here.”
“It isn’t too cold?”
His lips thinned before he took her offer and she wrapped one mitten covered hand around Daniel’s and the other braced his elbow as he rose. His skates slipped and down he went, dragging Buffy on top of him.

Title :: Brown Paper Packages
Word Count :: 200
The coffee cup was balanced precariously on top of the books Daniel carried as he entered his office and made quick work of depositing the stack on his overflowing desk. His hand wrapped around the warm Styrofoam cup before he turned, caught sight of the package nestled between the bits of Ancient text on his work station.
He made his way forward and blue eyes narrowed as he brought the cup to his lips and took a burning sip as he focused on the familiar looping scrawl. He gave his desk a ruffle glance and knowing searching for his letter opener was a lost cause he put his coffee cup down and slipped a hand into a pocket of his cargos. Rummaging past keys and loose change his fingers finally brushed a smooth plastic casing and he pulled the Swiss Army knife free.
With a deft pinching of his fingers and twist of his wrist Daniel freed the serrated blade and easily drew it through the twine surrounding the package. Tugging the wool string free he slipped his thumb under the brown paper covering the box on the top end, eased it open and off.
He laughed, loud and long.

Title :: Favorite Things
Word Count :: 200
The knock against the wall beside her opened office door drew Buffy’s attention from SG-4’s report to see Daniel filling her doorway in the nicest possible way. Her brows rose as he tossed a 5th Avenue onto her desk and her focus dropped a moment so that she could smirk proudly at the brown and yellow packaging before returning her attention to Daniel.
“You don’t like?”

He countered with, “You’ve been spending time with Jack.”
Instead of denying it she grinned, “Yep.” Daniel’s mouth opened and then closed, his brows pulling together as she laughed, “What? I should deny asking Jack for help with my thank you for the flowers gift?”
He stepped into her office. “A thank you would have been sufficient.”
She rose, making her way around her desk. “And the ice skating.”
“I-I,” he cleared his throat as she drew closer, “I believe the goodnight kiss got that across.”
“And you make me blush.”
Daniel’s lips lifted as he gazed down at her, “And blushing is a good thing?”

She rested her hands on his shoulders, head tilting back as she answered, “An amazing thing.”
He was still smiling as his head lowered to claim her mouth.
The End.

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They make such a cute couple in my head...and my, that sounds weirder than I intended.

Hee! You used the cuteness icon again!