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I just watched 'Jus In Bello' and...

I'm fuckin' psychic!!!

I'm still giddy about their tattoos, but a friend of mine and I came up with the idea last year.
*nods* I've been pondering the concept of Lilith since season one and it wasn't until the second season finale that I thought there might be a chance for us to see her in action.
As I told someone else on my flist, I think it's awesome that Lilith is a little girl, just for all of the Biblical references they can get out of it - that don't necessarily pertain to Lilith. I love the way mythology is used on this show.
Me and azraelz_angel were all, "AVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!" when that part came up.

I'm a little upset about the Henricksen death. I was starting to like him after the ep and I just did one ficlet and have another one going with him that crosses NCIS. *pouts around internet outage*
Hee! They used Lilith! Squee!!! Thank God it's in an entirely different way but still. It made me act like an idiot when Ruby said her name. *nods*

And I know! Henricksen had such damn fine potential and then poof! Gone. Damn.
*nods* It did suck. He could have been so damn kick ass but I suppose that makes sense. Big ass baddie really wouldn't want to add a new player to the mix.
*nods* I concur. And now you know why I was squeeing your name during the episode.
Now I just need to think of a really good villian to be the power rising in the west in my series.