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Drabble :: Get In Line

Title :: Get In Line
Word Count :: 200
Disclaimer :: I do not own these characters and no profit is being made from the use of them.
Fandom :: Stargate
Characters :: Buffy, Ronon, & Teal’c
Challenge :: #74 lost and found @ tthdrabbles
Note :: Spoilers for SG:A episode ‘Midway’ 
Get In Line
The first person Ronon and Teal’c had come across that was conscious within the walls of the SGC was a small blonde who, in Sheppard speak, was ‘kicking some Wraith ass’ and Ronon’s brows rose as he watched her use the wall as leverage to lift off a spin kick that back pedaled the Wraith closest to her. It stumbled under the blow and she brought her weapon, a cut-down scythe, between the Wraith’s legs and upward, splitting him in two before taking on the next.
“I want her for our team.”
Teal’c’s brow rose with Ronon Dex’s quiet observation and he allowed himself a small smile as he recalled Ronon’s answer to his inquiry about his weapon. With great satisfaction he stated, “Get in line.”
Ronon slowly turned his focus away from the waif like woman to arch a brow at the other male, “Is it a long line?”

The blonde spun, caught sight of them and quirked a brow as the silver tipped scythe slipped across another Wraith’s neck. “Hey boys, less gawking more with the helping.”
Ronon and Teal’c shared a look before jumping into the fray and helped force the Wraith to lose their Beachhead.
The End.
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