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Drabbles :: 'Final Lesson' & 'Rising to the Occasion'

Title :: Final Lessons
Word Count :: 200
Disclaimer :: I do not own these characters and no profit is being made from the use of them.
Fandom :: The books ‘Night Calls’ and ‘Kindred Rites’ by Katharine Eliska Kimbriel
Challenge :: # 005 Superstitions @ tthdrabbles
Synopsis :: Learning the Wise Arts is hard work but knowin’ when a person is gonna die is harder still.
Final Lessons
It’s been said that all Death’s lessons are final ones. The last mark of chalk against the blackboard at the end of your life and I should know since I’m Death’s apprentice. Does anyone get a shiver when you know Death’s not far? I s’pose it could just be me but then, cousin Marta’s raised eyebrow from across the table told me she felt the same about our guest.
Miss Mollie Prater had two years on my thirteen but the shroud that covered her from head to ankles and trailed behind her as she entered from the cold told me she’d not make it to sixteen. My stomach had stayed steady, not queer in the least, but my vision had blackened just a bit with this knowledge. It’s not everyday you meet a Slayer and it’s not everyday you know with great certainty that a person’s not meant for this world much longer.
“Miss Sorensson?”
Mollie was careful to pronounce my last name. Her accent was round around the edges and I tried to ease the unease-ed air about us. “Allie, please.”
I watched her mouth curve into the nicest smile. “Then you must call me Mollie.”
So would Death.
The End.

Title :: Rising to the Occasion
Word Count :: 100
Disclaimer :: I do not own these characters and no profit is being made from the use of them.
Fandom :: The movie “Where the Heart Is”
Challenge :: #024 Five Senses @ tthdrabbles
Synopsis :: Novalee Nation had always wanted her daughter to be strong. 

Rising to the Occasion
Forney smiled and Momma waved as Americus Nation made her way toward home plate. The butterflies in her stomach fluttered upward to tickle the back of her throat as she held the bat between her knees and straightened the sun-yellow baseball cap beneath her helmet.
Hesitantly she picked up the bat and hefted it over her shoulder. It dipped, bobbing in her uncertain grip as Americus stepped up to the plate. Kicked at the mound before her stomach tightened, vision tunneling as the fear just melted away.
Her head lifted, eyes narrowing as she turned toward the pitcher and smiled.
The End.

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I've never read the books but I did enjoy that first drabble. It's not this big moment or anything but it does stand out.

And the last one is a great explanation of who the little girl in Chosen is. I especially liked the way you described her nerves - very realistic. And then that sudden focus and knowing. That's always been one of my favorite moments of the finale and I think you did it justice.