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Title: Heat Wave

Title :: Heat Wave
Progress :: 28/100
Word Count :: 320
Prompt: #13 Winter
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters and no profit is being made from the use of them. 

Heat Wave
The steady pounding, shuffle her sneakers made against the path helped to clear her thoughts. The simple movement through the densely packed foliage soothed parts inside of her that she just didn’t understand—at least not yet.
Her stride lengthened as she reached the apex of the trail and its slop back toward Arklay. The clips holding her bangs from back, loosened as her pace picked up and her hair slipped forward to brush against her damp forehead. A hand rose to push them back and she sighed, more than a little annoyed with the sudden heat wave that had risen the once steadily dropping temperature.
Her wrist beeped, an incessant chirp that drew her gaze from the path in front of her to the watch flashing double digits. She sighed and tapped the button along the side before pushing herself harder and tried to once again loose herself in the repetitive motions of her body.
The humidity settled around her neck as if it were garland causing the loose fists she held her hands in to flatten, slicing though the air as her knees rose higher and she picked up speed. Her breath exploded past her lips, heart skipping to catch up as she pushed herself beyond her normal limits and her legs ate up the rest of the path in only a few short minutes.
She spilled out of the woods and onto the manicured grass that surrounded the compound and simply stopped. Her breath coming in harsh pants, eyes watering and her heart beating against the back of her throat, she had never felt more alive.
She bent at the waist, hands resting against her knees before she’d slipped into her after-run stretches and stared down at her watch. Green eyes widened, a smile spilling across her lips even with the humidity still hanging over her. She had decimated her previous best time by nearly three minutes.
The End.
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