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So I’m attempting another Resident Evil/Buffy crossover that will take place during the third movie and right after ‘Faith, Hope and Trick’ on BtVS. The survivors that are a part of the Sunnydale Convoy are going to be Buffy, Faith, Cordelia, Jonathan and Sam Winchester. I need more ideas kiddies so here’s a list to choose from to help me get the lineup right.

Dean Winchester
Bobby Singer
Ellen Harvelle
Anne (Chantarelle, Lily)
Graham Miller
Okay, I don't know if four is more than what you wanted or not but I figured I'd give you an explanation anyway for my picks. Just in case.

Dean - I almost didn't pick him. But then I just couldn't not pick him because as great and hurty as the angst of one brother losing the other is to read, I really just love when they're both alive, bantering, and trying to protect the other. And, on a selfish note, I just really like reading the way you write Dean. *nods*

Bobby - I debated on him as well because I think that both he and Ellen would be good additions. But I went with Bobby in the end because while Ellen seems to have knowledge on other hunters, Bobby's got more of the book knowledge. Each have their strengths but I think Bobby would work better in that situation. Then again, one could argue that between Jonathan (which, that is just plain awesome, by the way) and Sam, they could probably find whatever book knowledge they want. But when I tried to think of this group, I just kept picturing Bobby, much as I love Ellen.

Anne - For one, I don't think we see enough of her in fics. For another, I think she'd be damn good in this situation. After all, look at the way she organized that shelter in L.A. There's so much potential for her character, not to mention I think that she'd be great at getting people moving in whatever spot they ended up.

Graham - Again, I don't think there's enough of him in fic. Granted, his role on the show wasn't the biggest but from what I saw, I really think it'd be interesting to see him working and interacting with these other characters. For one, I'm curious on whether or not his soldier mentality would have him clashing with Dean or actually working well with him. Just because Dean can take orders doesn't mean he'll necessarily get along with a guy who was in the armed forces. On the other hand, I could see him being pretty impressed by a soldier who not only knows about demons but works to fight them. With Graham, I'm just really curious on how he'd fit in with the group and how things would change with his character since season 4 very clearly won't be happening.

I'm not even sure I got my reasoning across but hopefully I managed it a bit. Of course, I don't know if any of it's helpful since I've never actually seen any of the Resident Evil movies and I don't think it counts that I have a song from the musical. So. But there's my thoughts on it anyway. ^_^
Dean: because post apacolypse Sam without Dean is just too awful to contemplate

Mini!Jack: Useful because he'd know where all the goodies are stashed and is young enough to handle the physical stuff.

Bobby: Dude, Bobby is the man. The go to guy for all your supernatural needs.

Graham: Yet another useful person that doesn't get enough attention.
So, just look to the above post since I chose the same four, for pretty much the same reasons. :D