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Fic :: The Wicked

Title :: The Wicked
Rating :: FR15
Word Count :: 1250
Warning :: Light *femslash*
Disclaimer :: I do not own these characters and no profit is being made from the use of them.
Note :: Fourth in the Bled to Black series

The Wicked
The ground Makko created a small pile in the palm of Ruby’s cupped hand and she narrowed her eyes, gauging the right amount by sight. She pinched off the top and tossed it to the floor before adding the rest to a shallow bowl filled with the Key’s blood. Dusting her hands free of the fine brown powder Ruby leaned forward on the stool supporting her, boot heel braced on a lower rung, as she picked up the Monkoh and added some of the white ash to the mixture. 
Soft footfalls behind her tightened Ruby’s shoulders and she turned; caught sight of her Lord and Lady and her lips curved upward at the sight of Lilith. “You do know that clothing is no longer optional nowadays, right?”
Lilith’s head inclined and she ran her hands through her still wet hair, pulling it forward over one shoulder as she twisted out the excess water that had helped to cleanse her vessel of the human excrements she had been forced to wade through. She allowed the clean water to run in rivulets over her shoulder and around the slope of her breast to slink down her leg and meet the clay tiles. Her eyes locked on the spreading stain before she straightened, fixed her dark gaze on Ruby and quirked a brow. “I am well aware of this age’s obsession with the outer layers.”
“Are these precautions necessary?” Ruby absently lifted a paintbrush from her collection of scattered things and motioned to the island beside her.
Lilith’s chest rose and fell with a sigh before her chin dropped, “Yes. I can already feel my child’s form fracturing. This vessel can not sustain the weight of my essence for more than a sennight without these bindings.”
She nodded and rose, carefully holding the bowl in the palm of her hand and that delicate paintbrush in the other. “Then let’s get you on your stomach.”
She stepped forward, around Ruby and lifted the urn that contained the rest of the Key’s blood and placed it carefully on the glass stove top. Her fingers lingered on the marble impressed with the runes Ruby had carved to preserve what little remained of her child’s sibling—they may have need for it. Her hand fell away and in the next moment she cleared the island with a sweep of her arm and crawled upon it.
Ruby’s brows rose, lips quirking. “We might need to work on your flare for the dramatic. A bed would have been sufficient.”
“Would the lighting?”

Her head cocked as she watched Lilith settle herself against the chilled tile and stepped forward. “Possibly, but at least the bed would have been more comfortable.”
“Compared to?”
She heard the faint amusement and sighed, settling the bowl on the small of Lilith’s back where it swelled outward into hips and ass. The paintbrush was laid along the shallow indent of her spine before Ruby moved toward the end of the island that housed Lilith’s head. She ran her fingers over the back of her neck, brushing all that damp, honey colored hair away and then reached over Lilith and grasped the brush before dipping it into the mixture.
With great precision she began to create an image of sharp angles and curved lines that would help hold the vessel together. Bind the two until Lilith’s final death at the hands of her creator. And as she finished the last stroke of the marking it sizzled, burnt into the flesh and hardened it, leaving behind a smoky echo of what Ruby had drawn. She moved to the side of the island, began another on the slope of Lilith’s shoulder and continued on in silence.
The paintbrush dipped, finishing the last glyph that sat above the bridge of Lilith’s nose. Directly upon the mind’s eye and it sparked, smoke curling up from the outline as it etched itself permanently into the flesh. Lilith’s eyes opened, the two markings beneath the outer corners of either eye flared, cupping the darkness of her gaze as she sat forward and all the markings along her form burnt a soft amber before fading back into the smoky designs Ruby had created. Her hands rose, fingers curving over the edge of the island’s top as she let her legs slip off and dangle beneath her as she studied the slight changes to her vessel.
The shallow pallor to her flesh was new and unexpected as she gazed down at her nude form. The coarse material of Ruby’s jeans brushed her knees and tan hands slid up her thighs, spread them so that her ally could stand between them. Her chin lifted, head cocking as she met the bottomless dark that mirrored her own gaze.
“You’re looking a little less than human.”
Lilith’s brow rose, “Is that a problem, my Ruby?”
“Not for me.” Her chin rose, body inclining forward, “But it might be hard for you to blend in with the sheep.”
Lilith’s eyes fell closed, her lips drawing into a thin line and her brows drew together as the markings that spotted her form began to fade, smooth into the flesh that was darkening back into the healthy tan Buffy Summers had favored. The black streaks that framed her pixie features and looked as if someone had dipped their hands in ash before running them through her hair began to fade. Paling to honey blonde as Lilith opened her eyes, revealing the hazel green they had been before. “Am I presentable?”
“I never said you weren’t.”
Her lips lifted, “No, you did not.”
Ruby’s fingers tensed over her thighs and flare of attraction struck Lilith, raised her brows and her eyes narrowed as she brought her own hands from the chilled tile of the island to cup her ally’s cheeks. Ruby blinked and the darkness of her gaze vanished, replaced by pale green and she swallowed. “We need to finish the dagger.”
“We will.” Her gaze dipped to focus on Ruby’s lightly glossed mouth and straight, white teeth were bared at her. Lilith’s head inclined as she felt a curl of unease form in her ally. Her gaze rose, met Ruby’s and she stated, “You are nervous.”
She swallowed again, “Well I’ve only ever worshiped you from afar.”
“Am I not living up to expectations?”
Ruby’s eyes widened, “No. I’m more concerned with me. You’re big talk around the water cooler.”
She blinked, head inclining before understanding dawned. “Gossip.”
“Yeah.” Ruby frowned, “Why did that confuse you? Don’t you have access to Buffy’s memories?”
“They were fractured during my possession, making them more difficult to call upon as you do with your host.” Lilith stroked her thumbs over the slopes of Ruby’s cheeks, smoothed away the frown that had formed and leaned forward. “I will teach you how I live up to all expectations and,” her lips quirked, “Gossip.”
She watched those gloss lips twist, felt that curl of attraction reform and begin to smolder. “The world can wait?”
“For as long as we wish.” Lilith used her hands to draw Ruby forward and the hands that where lying on her thighs rose, slipping over smooth skin to cup her lower back as she slanted her mouth over Ruby’s. Her tongue eased out, tasted the slick lip gloss that coated her ally’s mouth and a low chuckle slipped past her own lips to push a hot breath against Ruby’s cheek as she turned her head and whispered, “You taste of cherries.”
The End.

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