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Almost, but not quite.

 So today is the last day of March and while I didn’t reach my goal of 20000 words (sorry Pol!) I do think I made quite a dent in my 400,000 words posted on TtH by 2009. I’m currently at 388,875! *throws confetti*
A quick recap of this months posts ::
Shadowed Mind, Chapter 3 & 3500 words
I’d Rather be Famous, Chapters 1-3 & 5218 words
Hollow Places, Chapter 9 & 6005 words (those don’t count to my monthly total since that chapter has been finished since Feb)
Bled to Black, Chapter 4 & 1200 words
So about 9918 words written and published with about 4000 words written in the next wolf!Buffy story and 1200 for the next chapter of I’d Rather be Famous. *beams* Damn, I did write a lot this month. Pol, I think we need to challenge one another to write 20000 words in a month more often…though not too often. ;)
*sigh* So now I'm really jealous of your muse. Mine soooo didn't want to come out and play this month. I barely broke 5,000 words. *hangs head in shame* To think I wrote more during the crazy month. But, I did finish chapter 21 of Undertow and most of chapter 22, added a bit more to the Buffy/Capt. Jack, and however many drabbles at the beginning of the month.

We could make this an every other month or every three month kind of thing....