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Fic :: Broken

Title :: Broken
Rating :: FR21
Prompt :: #37 Fantasy
Pairing :: Buffy/Vala/Daniel
Disclaimer :: I do not own these characters and no profit is being made from the use of them.
Note :: Sequel to Only Fantastic?


The steam rose up, weighting the air in the insufficient stall as the shower’s steady stream of water beat at the floor beside them. Vala’s head knocked backwards, against the tiled walls as Buffy’s talented mouth worked her body with practiced ease. The residual bubbles from the pair’s thorough scrubbings were slipping down her body as her breathing picked up in tempo, forcing soapy trails to form in the valley between her breasts and slip down towards the indent of her navel.
Her fingers splayed out, nails pressing into the smooth tiles and her back arched as Buffy’s tongue tapped against her clit, almost casually, and her fingers flexed against the ceramic, nail beds paling under the pressure. The fingers within Vala spread her wider so that another could join the two and Buffy began the dance all over again. Vala’s hands slipped further down the wall as those digits increased their rhythm to match the steady swipe of Buffy’s tongue. Forcing Vala to wrap the leg, which had been tossed carelessly over Buffy’s narrow shoulder in the beginning, tighter around her lover’s back.
Blunt teeth nipped at the sensitive bundle of nerves and her calf tightened, slipping against slick skin and Buffy’s free hand palmed her hip, held Vala against the wall as her body tightened. Breathe coming in an uneven cadence as the shower became unbearably hot and the curtain holding the heat within slipped open, filling the tiny corner with blissful cold.
Blue eyes fluttered opened, widened at the sight of Daniel as he stepped forward, into the small square of tiles with them and her gaze locked with his as Buffy’s fingers pushed against her lower half. Dragged a strangled sound from the recess of her throat and she caught Daniel’s reaction to that simple whimper and her skin flushed darker, heart sputtering in her chest as she watched him watch them.
Another movement below her waist drew her focus downward as the heat within in warred with the warmth of shower and built up. Crowding her insides as Vala felt her stomach pull low and an all too familiar, all too pleasurable tingle begin between her thighs and Daniel finally finished that last bit of space between them.
His hand dropped to caress Buffy’s damp blonde hair and she jerked against Vala. Those skillful fingers stretching her just a tad too wide, but the curl of pain was washed away as Vala’s orgasm hit and Daniel settled his mouth over her own. Captured her next cry as her upper body tightened, hands fisting against the tiled walls as her hips thrust against Buffy’s hand and mouth until she lay spent against the wall with her lovers supporting her weight.
Her eyes open, damp lashes leaving behind sooty marks and she pulled back. Tongue easing out to lick the last of the pleasant tingle from her lips and smiled up at Daniel as he lifted a hand to run a thumb beneath her eyes. Wipe away her smeared makeup and she offered him an easy smile, “Have I ever told you how spectacular your timing is?”
The corners of his eyes gathered but his answer to her question was lost to a groan as he jerked against Vala and a dark brow rose before she glanced down and saw Buffy had already turned that talented mouth on their Daniel. She leaned forward and nipped at the day old stubble decorating his chin before she bent her head, placed an open mouth kiss over his heart. In the next moment she fell to her knees to sink those teeth into Buffy’s shoulder and cup her breast, palming the light weight as she drew her thumb absently across the tip.
A soft click drew Vala away from Buffy’s slick, warm skin and she lifted her head, glanced around the confined space and wondered at the sudden burst of cold that fought the warm spray of water. Goosebumps rose up her arms and Daniel’s hand slipped over the crown of her head and down to cradle her cheek, drawing her gaze up to see those familiar eyes watching her with such intensity. She cupped his calf, nails lightly scoring his skin as he began to gray and Buffy’s warm body was replaced with cold cotton.
A shuddered eased its way down her spine and blue eyes opened wide, stared up at an unfamiliar and somewhat boring concrete ceiling. Vala sat forward, held the cotton sheet to her bare chest as she glanced around the room the SGC of this world had prepared for her, for them. Blinking back the tears that had begun to blur her vision she turned her head, saw Buffy sleeping soundly beside her. All that blonde hair tangled around her lover’s narrow shoulders and Vala’s movements had bared Buffy’s nude form to her and she watched the steady rise and fall of her chest. The gentle sway of her small but pert breasts and the delicate areolas tightened in response to the chilled air.
She freed one hand from its tight grip of the sheet gathered around her chest up to rub thumb and forefinger against her closed eyelids. She ignored the dampness of her lashes and laid back, turning on her side so that she could see Buffy’s slack features and gently rearranged the sheets to cover the younger woman’s modesty.
Her thighs rubbed together as she began to relax and the subtle ache, the pleasant tingle still remained from Buffy’s version of a celebration. She smiled past the twinge in her chest and lifted a hand to brush at the curl of hair that had draped itself across her lover’s throat. Her fingers slipped lower, stroking her collarbone before tracing light circles that drew Buffy’s body closer to her as she shifted into Vala’s touch.
She pushed an elbow into the mattress and leaned forward, pressed a soft kiss to Buffy’s forehead. Her lips linger a moment and she asked, “We make quite the pair, don’t we?” Pulling back she stared down at the blonde’s peaceful features before letting her head fall back against the pillows, “But I miss him, our Daniel.”
Her brows drew forward, pulling together as she continued to watch her lover sleep and waited for dawn, waited for a reason to wake Buffy beyond a selfish need to reminisce.  
The End.
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You always pack a lot of emotion (other then the smutty kind) into your smutlets and I must say, I appreciate that. I like where there's more to the piece then just... well smut.
It seems in this series that the plot seems to want to take over and here I thought it would just be the smut. *pouts* Oh well, the muse wants what the muse wants I suppose. ;)