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Fic: Just Not Today

Title: Just Not Today
Author: AvaMclean
Crossover: BTVS/Supernatural
Disclaimer: I own my lappy and my car. Nothing else.
Pairing: Buffy/John Winchester
Prompt: Day
Word Count: 2,451

Lashes fluttered against smooth cheeks as Buffy was pulled from the weightlessness of sleep and back into reality. She blinked, opening her eyes and frowning into the dimness surrounding her as the sun slowly began its rise above the horizon. Turning her face into the down pillow she tired to calm her thoughts and welcome back sleep as a warm arm slipped around her waist and pulled her securely to a hard chest.
Her eyes opened wide, heart giving an uneven lurch before it calmed with the knowledge that she had finally spent the entire night with her boyfriend. The title made her pause and revel in the fact that she had someone in her life after nearly two years of self enforced solitude. Two years in which she had stayed a few weeks in LA to help Lily settle into her life before heading home to find the new Slayer setting up shop with her Watcher. In her home. In her bed. Welcomed with open arms by Buffy’s nearest and dearest.
So the Slayer had turned around and headed back out of town on the next bus that would take her as far as she could get on the little money she had. Buffy settled in Kansas without looking back and found that one could disappear just about anywhere. She was nineteen with an ID that said twenty-three and a boyfriend that one-day soon she planned to tell the truth. Just not today.
The warmth at her back shifted and a softly haired leg shifted forward. Caressing her own and nearly bringing a giggle from her sleep muddled body as she welcomed the content pulling her under. His legs shifted again and she bit her lip, taking a deep breath in, only to have her smile widen. Remnants of her favorite cologne still clung to his skin; it was earthy with undertones of citrus. Beneath it lay a richer, muskier scent that pulled at the primal strings encircling her heart, mind.
The arm tightened around her waist, the bicep with intricate tattoo honoring his time in the Marines flexed and the show of dominance—however slight—brought forth a pulse of warmth in her lower stomach. His legs shifted, abrading her smooth flesh, slipping a knee between her thighs. Forcing her to feel the beginnings of good morning as a telltale bump slid against her rear and Buffy suddenly wished she had slept naked.
She felt him bury his face in her neck, the pant of his damp breath through the thick veil of her hair. The arm around her waist loosened until a calloused hand slid up the front of her tank top and drew lazy circles across her sleep-warmed skin. Buffy shifted and the leg between her thighs slid up farther as her hair parted for him and he ran his lips up the curve of her neck.
She felt the slow roughness of his morning stubble, in perfect contrast the quick wetness of his tongue as he began to effortlessly coax a curl of desire upward from her lower stomach. His hand lead the licking warmth, helping it spread though her as his lazy circles became smooth caresses. His hand slid up, spanning her ribcage as his thumb lightly stroked the underside of her breast.
His voice was thick with sleep, making it rumble from his chest. “Mornin’.”
Her stomach clenched with the sound and he felt the contraction, it forced the lips pressed against her neck to spread into a knowing smirk. His hand rose to her breast, cupped the softness of it and the simple touch brought a breathy moan form her throat and chuckle from his.
He kneaded it with sure strokes; fingers playing over Buffy’s skin, desire spreading like liquid flame through her blood. She arched her back, forcing more of her heaving breast into his palm but his touch remained stubbornly away from its center. Teasing caresses that made his name a breathy whine.
The same deep chuckle fell from his throat, brushed his bare chest against her back with the vibration. His fingertips lightly grazed her areola and the tender skin tightened, the simple touch fanning the warmth building between her thighs. His lips danced along her spine, tongue tracing each vertebra within its reach until his teeth sank into the small bump at the beginning of the thoracic curve of her spine.
His fingers mimic the slight pain of his teeth and plucked at her distended nipple, rolling it between the pads of his fingers. Again the casual display of dominance pulled a low sound from her throat and his hand left her breast, turning her moan into a pained sound until John treated the other to the same sweet torture.
His teeth released her and he placed a gentle kiss over the rapidly fading mark as her hips rocked against his thigh. Desperately seeking a source of friction as he slid his leg from between them and his hand dropped away from her breast. Her eyes opened and she tried to rise but he was already sliding down the bed, taking the flannel sheets with him.
His actions bared her to the dim light of a rising sun and the chilled morning of a Kansas’ March. His body moved along hers, drawing her attention away from the frigid air as he took a small bite of her lower back, just above the line of elastic encircling her waist. Skilled fingers slipped over edge of her panties as John pushed his way further down the bed, drawing the thin layer of cotton with him. Past her hips, over her thighs and down her legs until she was exposed to his heated gaze, darkening the green of his eyes and making the thin ring of hazel stand out as he rolled Buffy into her back and slide his hands upward to cup her calves.
The muscles bunched with the attention and he trailed his lips up the inside of her right leg starting at her ankle. He stopped at her femoral artery and lapped at the steady pulse point before lowering himself to the foot of the bed and starting over with her left. The desire licking through her veins spiked and pulsed, focusing at her center as Buffy lifted herself onto her forearms and stared down her goose raised flesh to watch John’s dark head reach the apex of her thighs and reward her with one sure stroke of his tongue.
The sensation bowed her spine and brought a cry from her throat as the pulse became a clenching and John repeated the action. His hands shifted forward, cupping her ass and angling her hips upward to aid his talented mouths ministrations. The long caresses continued to build the warmth in her core, pulled the muscles of her abdomen tight. 
The subtle contrast of his sharp wet tongue, against her soft wetter center brought her breath to sudden halt as he lightly tapped her clit, an teasing flicker before returning to his long caresses. Her breathing resumed but quicker as the clenching in her stomach tightened, just this side of painful and the thighs surrounding John’s head began to flex.
He lifted her higher and bumped the bundle of nerves with the bridge of his nose before tracing the rippled circle of flesh with his tongue. Her hips rocked downward as if giving voice to her wants, needs and John rewarded her with another darting caresses. He focused on the bundle of nerves, alternating with sweeps and jabs as the muscles beside his head clenched and her breath exploded outward in a strangled cry.
The flash fever roared over Buffy’s quaking frame, leaving a pleasant tingle in its wake as her heart beat against the confines of her chest and her lungs struggled to draw in a full breath. John was smoothing his hands up her body, grasping the edge of her tank top and helping her sit forward enough to discard the last layer between them as she notice he had lost his boxer at some point, probably as she was relearning how to breathe.
Her eyes were drawn to him, the gentle curve of his cock as it rose up to lightly brush his stomach. The tip reddening as it continued to fill with blood and bob with each movement of his well defined body. Buffy’s heavy-eyed gaze traveled over said body, the muscles evident beneath the thin layer of sweat, from his bunching calves to the slope of sure shoulders. Even with all the wonderful contours revealed to her gaze Buffy felt her attention travel back down to his growing erection, the swell of him and her heart suddenly felt slick and heavy, beating entirely too fast in her chest.
The smile John graced her with was dark with promise and the fading tingle was replaced with a now familiar warmth as he knelt over her and drew them into the their first kiss of the morning. She tasted herself on his lips and darted her tongue past the seal of his mouth to see if she coated the inside like she did the out. The musky undertone of her own essence brought forth a possessive growl as she nipped at his bottom lip and then laved the small wound with her tongue.
John made a sound of approval and laid his body over hers. His weight to pressed her deep into the soft mattress, still devouring her. He didn’t want to stop. He never wanted to stop. His arms slid behind her back and deepened the kiss, opening his mouth wider to take more of her inside. The tongues shifted forward, rubbing against one another mimicking the motions they wanted of other parts. His arms locked around her back and her rolled them so that she canopied his front and her thighs fell to either side of his waist.
She pulled back blinking in confusion at the roll reversal and his smile was slow, pleased as he stated. “I want you above me. I wanna see that blush work its way over you.”
Buffy’s eyes widened and she bite her lip, rolling it inward suddenly unsure of herself. She watched the confusion fill his heated gaze and she felt a different blush filling her checks. “I’ve never…” She trailed off ducking her head.  
John’s eyes widened and he couldn’t help the possessive flash of satisfaction at being able to teach her, guide her in any aspect. His hands rose to cup her hips and he lifted them. Buffy complied, going to her knees and following his direction of shifting backwards so that she felt his cock slid between the globes of her ass.
“Baby.” Buffy’s gaze rose hesitantly with the nickname and he offered her another dark smile, that spiked her heart and caught her breath. “Spread yourself for me.”
She rolled her lower lip between her teeth and lifted her hands from his chest to spread the lips of her sex and open herself as wide as she was capable. John took a moment to admire the view before he let one hand slid form her hips to encircle his erection and guide it to her entrance.
“Slide down slow.”
Buffy blinked at the ordered and bit her lip harder as she felt the tip of him enter her. She relaxed her thigh muscles and let gravity help pull him inside, inch by delicious inch. As her hips settled over his, she gasped at the thickness of him from this angle. He felt fuller, sharper and as his hand rose to cup her hip once more she welcomed his nudge of encouragement and she rolled her hips in small circle. A low sound escaped John and her eyes rose to see the smile had slid from his face but the dark light remained and she rolled her hips again, hesitant but wiling to experiment.
She followed his lead and rose, letting him slid out a bit before falling back onto him and a cry fell from her this time. The sensation of him rubbing inside of her arched her back and she mimicked the movement again. Her body began to rock above him, riding, twisting and John welcomed the view. Her hair fell in soft blonde waves around her shoulder, the sweat beading along her flesh making the curls stick to her skin as tiny rivulets fell between her breasts.
His eyes fell closed, head thrown back as she hit a particularly nice tempo and position. He clenched his jaw, fingers tightening around her hips as he counted backwards from ten and opened his eyes. Blinking up at her stunned as the sun crested the horizon and filled his bedroom with a haze of brilliant orange. It outlined Buffy’s body, filled her hair with the illusion of flame as she threw her head back and low cries that steadily rose in volume fell from her throat. 
Her rolling hips picked up speed and the velvet warmth gripping his cock, pulsed, tightened. Pulling him over that glittering edge with her as Buffy’s cries hit their pinnacle and she clenched around him like a fist. John shuddered as his hips rose upward to met her downward thrust, once, twice and with the third he spilled his seed deep with in her contracting womb.
Buffy fell forward to lay against his chest, spent. Her sex still clasping him as if to draw him in deeper as she recovered from her climax. She lifted herself enough to place a kiss over his heart and whisper, “I think I like being on top.”
John chuckled and pulled her closer to his chest. His fingers pulling her hair to the side to fall over his body like a blanket and letting the cool air reach the flushed skin of her back. She made a content sound and her inner walls pulsed, pulling a soft groan from his chest.
She rubbed her cheek against the light sprinkling of hair across his chest and asked, “I’m not too heavy, am I?”
He lifted his head and watched her raise her face to his. She offered him a tentative smile he reached forward brush the damp hair from her forehead and Buffy’s heart clenched with both sorrow and joy with his next words.
“I love you, Mary.”
Her eyes filled rapidly and she swallowed twice before answering back, “I love you too.” 

She lowered her head to his chest, willed back the tears choking her for decieving such a good man. Buffy let her arms move to John's sides and she squeezed him tight. Tighter than was possible for a normal girl and he only chuckled returning the embrace whole-heartedly. She would tell him the truth one day. She promised herself she would, but not today.


Just not today. 


Wow, that was a pairing I didn't see coming but you did it justice. To be honest with you, I didn't read the pairing correctly before I started to read and I mistakenly thought this was a Buffy/Dean fic. lol. Imagine my surprise when she says "John." I was like, woah, back up. hehe. Great writing and hot, sensual smut. Really well done.

[i]His voice was thick with sleep, making it rumble from his chest. “Mornin’.”

Her stomach clenched with the sound and he felt the contraction, it forced the lips pressed against her neck to spread into a knowing smirk. [/i]

Love that.

[i]“I love you, Mary.”

Her eyes filled rapidly and she swallowed twice before answering back, “I love you too.”

She lowered her head back to his chest and willed back the tears for her deceit. She would tell him the truth one day. She promised herself she would, but not today.

Just not today. [/i]

Hot AND and a nice tug of emotion too!
Thank you! I'm glad this was well received 'cause its my first attempt at Hetero smut (first attempt I'm willing to post). I'm working on a Buffy/Dean next so hopefully it will be up soon. Thank you again for taking the time to give me feedback.
LOL! Sorry, maybe I should bold face the type for the pairing. I'm writing for the 50 smutlets and I requested Buffy/Crossovers. So each fic is supposed to be a different person paired with Buffy. No fears though I am working on Buffy/Dean that I'll cross post.
I thought it was a buffy/dean too. But when it said 'John' I didn't stop. And I'm glad I kept reading. This isn't a pair I normally read, but I still loved it, and I still need a cold shower.
Thank you! I've signed up for the 50 smutlets and I have to pair Buffy with 50 different crossover pairings. Should be fun...I hope.