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Drabble :: Bring the Light

Title :: Bring the Light
Series Title :: Once Upon a Time
Word Count :: 100
Disclaimer :: I do not own these characters and no profit is being made from the use of them.
Synopsis :: Why Willow’s spell really went wrong in ‘Fear, Itself.’
Bring the Light
Fairies are so very small that it makes it impossible for them to feel more than one emotion at a time. So when the pretty redhead summoned TinkerBell away from her beloved Peter Pan she was decidedly upset. Even more so when she was ordered, rather than asked, to find the witch’s friends and so our little pixy did a summoning of her own.
Calling forth her brothers and sisters to help teach an adult human better manners and as they gave chase Tink found her anger fading to joy once more. She laughed, the high sound of tinkering bells. 
The End.
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