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Title :: Half Truths

Title :: Half Truths
Progress :: 32/100
Word Count :: 550
Prompt :: #41 Doctor
Disclaimer :: I do not own these characters and no profit is being made from the use of them. 

Half Truths
Her hips shifted, body swaying back and forth as she tired to find a comfortable position on the examining table. The cushion absorbed her weight a bit too much and Rabbit found herself leaning forward, shifting her weight to her boot covered feet and eased some of the tension in her lower back. Her feet were braced on the small sliding rest that the nurse had pulled out for her as soon as she’d entered the white on white room. Her brows slopped as she looked around the bare walls, absently wondering where the overabundance of healthy living posters where.
The door to the small room opened and the entrance of Isaacs distracted Rabbit from her internal musing as he stepped into the room and quietly closed the door behind him. “You’re looking well today? Did you enjoy your late night stroll?”
The casual quirk of his eyebrow drew her back up as she sent him a considering look before stating simply. “I ran into some old friends.”
His lips quirked. “Ah yes, Chess and Shire, you seem to have grown attached to them in such a short time.”
Thin shoulders rose and fell with a nonchalant shrug. “They have more personality than most of the people I know.”
The veiled insult was ignored and she watched him set his clipboard down on the counter across from her and lift the stethoscope he had draped around his neck, up and over his head. Isaacs came to stand parallel to her and cupped her shoulder, drew her back up straighter as he put the cylinder against her back and she could feel the chilled metal through the thin layer of cotton she wore.
“Inhale and hold,” she did as requested and he continued, “Perhaps a visit with Charles would be best today rather than another training session with Olivera. Now exhale.”
Her breath expelled outward and she turned her face upward to stare at his neutral one. “Afraid I’ll hurt him?”
His brows inclined. “Not in the slightest. I know you have excellent control but I thought perhaps, after last night, you’d appreciate a break in the routine.”  
“There’s already been a break. One and the others still haven’t come back from their short recon mission.” She stressed the word ‘short’ showing her disbelief with the lie that all was well when the facts were that they had been gone nearly twenty-four hours after she had been assured they’d only be away for twelve.
“You should have more faith in your team.”
Rabbit’s mouth thinned with the easy way he’d manipulated her words and she shook her head. “I do and that’s not my point. My point is: where the hell is my team?”
“Closer than you think.”
Her head inclined, hair falling forward to cover her forehead and into her line of sight. “What is that supposed to mean?”

“It means that you’ll have your answers soon enough, but I think it would be best if you spent the day off base with Ashford.”
Her jaw clenched, eyes narrowing before she accepted the dangled carrot and turned away from him. “Fine.”
She missed the slow spreading of his lips as Isaacs lifted his stethoscope and pressed it to her back once more. “Good. Now inhale for the count of five.”
The End.
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