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Title :: Doublespeak

Title :: Doublespeak
Progress :: 33/100
Word Count :: 405
Prompt :: #02 Death
Disclaimer :: I do not own these characters and no profit is being made from the use of them.
Isaacs’ lips dipped when he found Major Cain sitting behind his desk and casually studying the contents of his drawers. He stepped fully into his office and closed the door with a delicate click to avoid showing his instant and nearly overwhelming rage at the sight of this inferior man going through his things. “How is the Duchess Program coming along?”
His lips thinned and he moved toward his desk but he answered with a calm, cold tinge to voice. “All reports lead me to believe it will be a successful endeavor.”
“Good.” Cain rose and offered him a tight lipped smile. “It was convenient that the Council freed up a specimen such as Ms. Lehane for us. And at such an opportune time.” 
His head inclined as he lowered his recent research on the Nemesis project onto his desk. “Yes, quite.”
Cain’s lips drew upward with the chilled statement and he pushed back Isaacs’ high back leather chair and stepped away from the desk, around it. “Our own council of experts believe that your presence is vital to the success of the Duchess Program and request your immediate relocation.”
He inhaled and exhaled slowly before answering to keep the waver of rage from his voice. “Really?”
“Oh yes, Dr. Isaacs.” Cain’s smile stretched. “You are an invaluable asset to this corporation and the results of your oversight are insurmountable for anyone else to achieve.” He stepped closer, chin rising so that he could still met the taller man’s gaze. “Besides, I hear Nevada is quite beautiful this time of year.” Pale eyes narrowed and he nodded, a quick jerk of his head that had Cain smug smile stretching. “Good.”
Isaacs’ head inclined in acknowledgment of the other man’s brilliant—though he loathed to admit it—maneuver and he wracked his brain for a bit of payback. He knew he couldn’t ask for Rabbit she was too precious for Umbrella to lock away in an underground facility but there was something and the mere thought had an answering smile to spilling across his lips just for Cain.
“Of course, though I would like to take the Cerberus to continue my study of the T-Virus’ bond with animals.”
The major’s jaw tensed but he held his smile and Isaacs raised his brows as a kernel of respect formed. Cain nodded, the same jerky movement that Isaacs’ had given him and reiterated the doctor’s answer. “Of course.”
The End.
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