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Title :: Thievery Basics

Title :: Thievery Basics
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Thievery Basics
The metallic disc slipped easily into the narrow space between the doorframe and the top of the door. Holding the magnetized metal in place she reached for the handle and turned. There was a soft ‘snick’ as the lock freed and she stepped back, still holding the disc, and opened the door. Her shoulders tightened as she waited for the sharp and usually piercing sound of the alarm system activating but the house remained silent.
She released the disc and glanced up to see that it remained in place and the whirring of Charles’ wheelchair filled the silence as he approached her. Rabbit’s chin dropped, eyebrows rising in appreciation as she stated. “Now that’s just nifty.”
His low chuckle meant she had done the assigned task to his approval and he typed in a short six digit code into the arm of his chair and then nodded. “You can take the magnet down.”
She rose on tiptoes, straining to reach the frame once more before grasping the disc and pulling it down. Charles’ brows rose at her as she stepped inside and closed one of the several doors that led to the outside of Ashford home. The layout of this particular home was becoming more familiar and more settling than her own.
“Now that you’ve seen the simplicity of closing a closed magnetic circuit lets work on how you’d access it through the coding.” He twisted the small knob on his chair and it backed up, turning toward the side and he shifted his wrist forward and the chair moved toward the study and his computer set up.
“Wouldn’t it just be easier to go through a window?” Rabbit asked as she trailed after him.
His head tilted and she smirked before he asked, “And if they had motion sensors?”
“I’d be screwed.”
Her brow arched as he made his way around the large desk that dominated the room and toward the corner where his set up was. Four monitors were connected to single tower and each depicted a different image for the programs he was currently running. Her gaze dropped to study the metal cabinet that held the monitors at different levels and angles and she knew were motorized and programmed to follow the remote commands from his chair—Charles was brilliant with all things mechanical and biological. 
A framed picture of Angela dressed up in a pink glittering dress caught her eye and Rabbit lifted it, smiling down at the freckled and somber face staring back at her. She traced the metal crutches holding up the much younger version of Angie and Charles watched her, his eyes narrowing. “She was five going on forty when that picture was taken.”
She laughed and nodded. “I can see that.”
Her gaze rose from the photograph to see another smaller frame in the corner. Setting Angie back up in her rightful place up front she leaned forward, past Charles to grab the other photograph. Her lips dipped in recognition of the man sharing the small image with Charles, their hands clasped in front of them as they smiled at the camera. Her head inclined as the name came to her and she looked down at her tutor. “Dr. Clayton Sandeman, right?”
His brows rose. “I’m surprised you remembered.”
“Me too,” was accompanied by a shrug of her thin shoulders before she placed the frame back down. “He was at Angela’s party. His children…were…different.”
“Ah,” Charles smiled, “Yes, they are but intuitive as well.”
Her lips quirked as she remembered Joshua’s excitement with the most mundane of things and Isaac’s constantly anxious gaze before her smile wilted into a frown and she stated softly, “Seek and Hide.”
“I’m sorry?”
She refocused and smiled. “Never you mind.” Nodding toward one of the several monitors she bent so that her gaze was at level with Charles’. “Weren’t you showing me how to break into homes?”
He grinned. “And offices.”
Rabbit laughed. “And offices.”  
The End.
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