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Title :: Beyond Comprehension

Title :: Beyond Comprehension
Progress :: 37/100
Word Count :: 600
Prompt :: #44 Clouds
Disclaimer :: I do not own these characters and no profit is being made form the use of them.

Beyond Comprehension
The striking of her sneakered feet against the worn grass and dirt of the path was the only accompaniment to her steady breathing as Rabbit made her way deeper into the woods and further from Arklay. Dawn was slowly approaching and the sky above her was paling to dark lavender filled with thin clouds, which were slowly spreading across the dimming stars and moon. Her head dipped, gaze shifting down to the path in front of her as she slowed just enough to click off the small light hooked onto the nylon waist of her shorts.
The ground beneath her was thrown into shadow but her speed increased as she hit the upward slop that continued on for the next quarter mile. Her breaths coming quicker as she lifted her knees higher, pushing herself harder and the movement freed pieces of her hair from the barrette her had used to secure it back from her face. Rolling her eyes she ignored her bangs rather than fussing with them and sidestepped a large branch that had fallen across the path.
Shaking her head at the random debris, Rabbit ignored the slight tickle from her ponytail as it brushed her neck and instead unzipped the thin cotton hoodie she had put on over her athletic gear. The sudden cold that slipped over her warming body was greatly welcomed as she once again picked up speed hoping to beat her personal best. A sudden knot in her stomach had her slowing and her pupils dilated as she sensed something beyond her comprehension.
A rustling behind Rabbit brought her to a standstill and she frowned, turning toward the sound. No other trainees would be up at this hour—at least not with One still away. The underbrush behind her shook and she unhooked the small flashlight on her shorts and pushed on the shallow indent, throwing the small bushes into a slim cone of light. A branched snapped behind her and she spun, raising the light toward the path and stilled, breath catching with the sight of one of the compound’s Doberman standing in the center of the path and the sense of something ‘other’ increased tenfold.
She attempted to shake of her unease and called out to trained hound, “Hey there, fella.” 
Its slim head dropped, lips pulling back to reveal cuspated canines before it let free a vibrating snarl that raised the hair along her arms. The flashlight illuminated its back after the lowering of its head and Rabbit frowned as she noticed several glistening protrusions running down its spine. She stepped closer and the snarl shifted into a steady growl in response. Rabbit swallowed as she realized what it was that she was seeing. The dog’s spinal column had been completely exposed and her gaze shifted, flashlight following to highlight a section of its narrow chest that had been stripped free of fur and skin.
Its head rose once more and its focus shifted to behind her, ears quirking forward as it let loose a savage bark as her senses when haywire and a hole opened in the pit of her stomach. She turned, placing herself sideways and her breath hiccupped as two more emerged from the bush she had been watching just moments before. The one to her right tensed and Rabbit didn’t hesitate. She sprang forward, leaping the low underbrush in front of her and she hit the other side at a dead run, heading deeper into the forest. She heard the dogs snarled at one another before she felt them spring forward to follow her, to give chase.
The End.

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Hee! First!

OOOH! Is this close to infection day? Whoop! *shakes head.

Where does this fall in the RE timeline anyways? I forget.

Edited at 2008-06-13 12:59 am (UTC)
Yep, the infection will happen in the next day... or so.

The first movie is almost over during this timeframe and the second movie takes place 13 hours after they open the Hive.

*checks outline* Expect the second movie to begin around chapter 43. And yes, I have outlined every chapter and tied it to a prompt already.
Hee! Yep, the good stuff (if by good you mean action) begins about now.

I thought spending time on the background and forcing Rabbit/Buffy to spend a year with Umbrella would be beneficial to her survival and her eventual attempts at taking down the very corporation that helped to create her… plus I wanted to tie in Dark Angel. ;)
Yikes! Oh noes!! *pouts* and I loved her connection with the puppies.

And ooohhh, second movie is about ready to start? *claps hands in excitement* Yay!
No worries, those are different puppies. Isaacs took Chess and Shire with him to work on the Duchess Program.

Yep, I'm actually writing that tie in chapter/prompt right now.

**edit: Eventually I'll learn to spell right on the first try.

Edited at 2008-06-13 02:43 am (UTC)
Whew, I was worried about the puppies, cause I love puppies.... And yes, I'm aware that those are full grown menacing dogs, but I call them all puppies. :D