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Title :: Three Down

Title :: Three Down
Progress :: 38/100
Word Count :: 615
Prompt :: #52 Evil
Disclaimer :: I do not own these characters and no profit is being made from the use of them.

Three Down
A low lying branch had caught her cheek and brought forth a thin trickle of blood that she didn’t bother to wipe off, didn’t chance that'd she’d slow—even if only for a few seconds—if her arms stopped their steady pumping. Rabbit couldn’t risk one of them catching her and she could feel them gaining with every minute that passed. Their snarls and barks pushing her faster as rocks and leaves were disturbed by her frantic movements and the irony of a rabbit being chased by hounds was not lost on her.

Another pushed itself away from the small pack and she felt its oddly chilled breath on her calf and she turned, leapt upward and planted her left foot against an oak’s thick trunk and sprung herself into a back flip. The leading hound struck the tree with a sickening crunch and its body sagged against it as the others skidded across the dirt and struck one another, falling over themselves as they turned and twisted, attempting to catch hold of her. Her landing was less than stellar and she was forced to use her hands to catch herself from falling forward and she quickly scanned the small clearing she found herself in and twisted, rolling on her side as the new leading hound lunged.

She came up with a large rock with which she took careful, but quick aim for the next dog as it charged her. The rock struck directly above the eyes and its head jerked back, body falling on its side to show a narrow frame that looked as if someone had drawn several blades across it, exposing the pink tissue of its intestines. A growl forced her head to whip back towards the final hound just as it was darting toward her, spit and blood covered teeth snapping as it’s lipless mouth opened wider than it was ever intended to and she twisted.

Those teeth sank into her opened jacket and it jerked, bringing Rabbit forward and onto her knees as it reared back, attempting to bring her down further to its level and she spun. Letting the Doberman take her jacket rather than her flesh and quickly rose as it shook itself free. Her gaze locked with its and only one ear quirked forward—the other side of its head was just smooth, pink skin with patches of bone peaking through—before leapt it for her throat and she dodged.

Stepping forward and to the side, she turned to catch that snarling head between her hands, one cupped its bottom jaw while the other grasped the earless half of its narrow head and she pulled it down. Using the ground as leverage Rabbit pushed her knee into the open cavity of its stomach and jerked her wrists. The neck snapped easily and the body beneath her ceased its squirming.

She rose, breathe coming in heaving pants as the quiet around her resumed and she looked around the ruin that covered the clearing. Green eyes widened and she glanced down, taking a quick inventory of her body and nodded, three dead and her only injury was the thin scratch on her cheek. The hair along her arms rose, goosebumps tightening her skin as her stomach shifted and a shuffling behind her drew Rabbit’s head to the side and she caught site of a large shadow. She pushed herself forward into a summersault and sprang up as she caught sight of the massive brown and bloody thing making its way towards her from the river.

“I made a bear.” The words had tumbled from her mouth before she could stop them and the roar that answered them was deafening.
The End.
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Loved it of course. You always write her fight scenes very well. Am confused about the "I made a bear" statement. Huh?

The 'I made a bear,' statement is a throw back to the 'Pangs' episode when the Indian turns into a bear and Buffy states, rather dumbly, "I made a bear." And Spike responds, from the chair he's tied to, "Undo it! Undo it!"

It's one of my favorite Buffy/Spike moments.
ROFLMAO! "I made a bear" One of the funniest things Spike ever said. *giggles madly* And that it tumbled from her lips at that moment was just too perfect.

So I loved the tension in this piece as she fought her way free from the nasty puppies. And yay she didn't get bit or scratched by them!

*chews on nails as anticipates the next battle*