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3 Things I've Done Meme

 Yanked from slayerkate& musesinspire


* Post 3 things you've done that you believe nobody else on your F-list has done.
* If anybody responds with "I've done that," add another thing.
* Encourage your friends to paste this into their own journal to list the unique things they've done.
1. I’ve volunteered at a local Hospice.
2. I received a State Thespian Scholarship to FSU for acting.  
3. I’ve met Dita Von Teese.
1. When I was going through school to become a massage therapist we had to do volunteer work and I picked the Hospice center. I went every week for three months and lost 4 clients in the span of that time... and I'd do it again.

2. *beams* I'm still rather proud that I got picked out of thousands of applicants.

3. She is the hotness. *points at icon*
*giggles* Had to do a second take at number two. Not cause of the fact you received a scholarship cause I have a feeling you'd be awesome on stage, but because of the FSU part. The university I work at has the same initials. :D

And how did you not spontaneously combust with number 3?