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I couldn’t help myself. polgara_5knows why!

The Assassin

You are the Assassin. A strong leader, you prefer a less aggressive approach than the Zombie Slayer, while still not afraid to get your hands dirty if necessary. Zombies are unlikely to be aware of your presence as you slide out of the shadows to deliver the fatal blow. Survivors stand their best chance with your considered leadership style, as you balance the need to lop off Zombie heads with the safety of your group members.

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Yup, completely not surprised by this assessment. You'd kick some serious zombie ass.
I got --> You are the Accomplice. While preferring to let others lead, your aggressive outlook means that any Zombie crossing your path is going to have a very bad day. While people with more passive roles will only have mixed luck looking to you for guidance, you make a perfect complement to Slayers, Assassins, and Strategists. 78% Aggression and 60% Leadership!

I guess that means I can work well with you according that... :-)