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Random Musings

So I’ve read a lot of fanfic that has Buffy or Faith (or any other Slayer) not having a hangover after an all-night of drinking due to Slayer-healing. *frowns* Correct me if I’m wrong but a hangover has more to do with your body’s dehydration than the poison you poured into it the night before so how can Slayer-healing correct dehydration?
Does their body magically produce liquids to hydrate them?
Do I have too many thoughts?
And now I have the urge to write a ficlet with Buffy and/or Faith waking up with a hangover with one of the Supernatural boys. No sweaty though, that’s a bit cliché but just the small group or pair dealing with that stomach rolling, head pounding, body aching morning.
i think that they would wake up with a hangover, but if they rehydrated right away, they would recover much faster. Like feel crappy for an hour or so in comparison to non-slayer types dealing with the oogies all day.
Yep still working on it.

I've finally gotten to the dream sequence section and it's kinda hard figuring out just how strong (mentally) Jo really is.
Other than in Beer Bad have we seen Buffy (or Faith or any of the Slayers) get totally trashed?

I'm not sure that we have. Who's to say that Slayers wouldn't be able to get drunk without an insane amount of alcohol. And if they manage to get that trashed, then I would imagine their body would react just like a normal person's and the hangover would happen.

*feeds your plot bunny* You know you want to write it. You know you do!!
Right there with ya! And didn't Buffy feel horrid after her drinking binge with Spike in season six?

*slips baby bunny a carrot*

I once read my friend's science magazine and apparently it is neither the alcohol or the dehydration which causes the hangover. It is in fact the enzyme produced by your body to counter and break down the ethanol in alcohol which is poisonous and makes you feel like hell!

But yeah - I'm in agreement that Buffy at least has demonstrated signs of a hang over in 'Beer Bad'.