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Title :: Touch Me, Not Softly

Title :: Touch Me, Not Softly
Rating :: FR21
Prompt :: #49 Candles
Disclaimer :: I do not own these characters and no profit is being made from the use of them.
Note :: Written for International Femslash Day.
Synopsis :: Candle light on skin, sex on the air and wax on the floor. Written for the 50 smutlets. *femslash, BDSM, PWP* Buffy/Ruby

Touch Me, Not Softly
Fingertips skimmed over an exposed back before Ruby’s knuckles bent and she curved her fingers down, nails indenting supple skin so that the soft caress skimmed the fine line between pleasure and pain. Her nails dug deeper, deftly crossing that line as she left narrow red marks down and across Buffy’s hip before she lifted her hand up and away as she moved toward the foot of the bed, past it and to the cheap dresser provided by a cheaper motel and the numerous candles set along the edge.
Her chin dipped, lashes following the movement before she lifted her head and opened her eyes to stare at the onyx gaze in the mirror resting against the wall above the dresser. The light of the candles caressed her face, brought a warm flush to her cheeks as she grasped a white candle, made of paraffin wax, and turned back to the bed, to her lover. She smiled at the tightness in those powerful shoulders as Buffy resisted the urge to tug at her fetters and destroy another set of the karabiners that held her leather restraints to the metal frame holding up the box-spring and mattress.
A blonde head shifted, baring the side of her face to Ruby’s dark gaze and she watched the smaller woman bite her lip, hold in the urge to top from the bottom as Ruby strolled closer and smiled at the silk mask that held the minimal light of the candles from Buffy’s perception. Kept her in darkness and her jaw tensed, mouth opening as Ruby flicked her wrist and Buffy’s entire body tensed. Her spine a bow pulled taunt and a startled gasp fell from that open mouth as the hot wax splattered across her lover.
Buffy’s back arched as she lifted off the shower curtain spread out beneath her, offering more skin to be decorated and the demon’s smile spread wider. She stepped up to the bed’s edge, the rubber and nylon of the curtain brushed against her jean-covered thighs as she lifted her arm several feet above Buffy’s back and tilted the candle.
Watched the wax dripped, striking the indentation of that stiff spine and the restraints tightened as Ruby let her arm lower and she shifted down Buffy’s body and toward the foot of the bed. The wax fell in a steady progression and faster as she drew nearer to the skin until she pulled back, lifting the candle away from the slop of Buffy’s ass to help hold that delicate balance of sensation as her lover’s breath hiccupped and she squirmed, crinkling the shower curtain beneath her.
“Tell me if it hurts. Well,” she paused and smiled, “hurts more than usual.”
“Please,” was whispered on a heavy sigh in response to her words and Ruby’s brows rose before she rewarded Buffy with a flick of her wrist that splattered the wax across those powerful shoulders. She smiled as the petite blonde jerked with the flash of hot pain before she sagged against the mattress and rocked her hips.
Ruby’s dark gaze followed the steady sway of those hips before she stepped away from the bed and back to the dresser. The candle was returned to its holder and she turned, lifted a mint colored one and placed herself at the foot of the bed, directly between Buffy’s spread thighs. The quick inhalation had Ruby smiling as she bent at the waist, aligning the candle with the back of Buffy’s right leg and she turned her wrist, allowed a few drops free to splash along her lover’s inner thigh and the wax curved downward, molding to twitching skin.
The rocking of Buffy’s hips intensified and Ruby treated the left to the same meticulous precision but shifted her arm, leaving a trail of melted wax from apex to ankle. Her lover’s calves flexed, toes pointing with the sensation and Ruby treated the instep of each foot with a dip of her hand that had Buffy’s knees bending, digging into the shower curtain as she lifted her lower half briefly off the bed.
“I love it when you squirm.”
The petite blonde shifted forward, straightening her legs and pressing her stomach against the shower curtain. Her hands had balled into fists and the muscles in her forearms twitched as she resisted the urge to strain against the restraints and Ruby watched, onyx gaze narrowing as she moved to the side of the bed and filled the small indents on either side of Buffy’s spine, just above the swell of her ass, with several drops of wax.
The green pooled there a moment before her bottom shuddered and the muscles of her lower back flexed, spilling the small puddles outward to spread across and down the tender skin along the outside of her hips. The bed frame gave a low groan as the muscles in Buffy’s calves tensed and the fleece lined cuffs surrounding each ankle dug into her flesh as she strained against leather bindings.
Ruby traced the knuckles of her free hand against Buffy’s hip, smearing the cooling wax and brought a tacky trail up and over the gentle indent where thigh and ass met. She reached forward, cupped Buffy’s inner thigh and spread her legs wider before bringing the candle forward, dripping wax along the path she had traced with her hand.
The muscles beneath her hand flexed and Buffy’s next breath came out as a whimper as Ruby paused, turned the candle upright. Holding it higher than before, she dipped the wick and allowed a few steady drops to meet with the crease of her lover’s ass as she slipped two fingers between the folds of her sex. The body beneath her hands tightened and Ruby straightened, pulling her fingers free of the dampness between Buffy’s thighs and stood, stepping back and moving toward the head of the bed.
She dipped her wrist, allowed the wax to hit the cervical curve of Buffy’s spine and the bed groaned, louder than before, as green trails formed along either side of a taunt neck and another whimper escaped the bound woman. “Please.”
Ruby’s head inclined and she bent, placed her mouth against Buffy’s ear and whispered, “Please, what?” A heavy breath was her only answer and Ruby leaned closer, traced the shell of that ear with her teeth before she prompted again, “Please, what?”
The phrase, “Fuck me,” came out as more of a growl than a plea and Ruby laughed, straightening and she snuffed out the candle before tossing it to the beaten down carpet and making her way back to the foot of the bed.
“Fuck you with what?”
There was a hesitant pause and Buffy’s hands flexed, fingers spreading wide before they returned to fists and she whispered, “Your mouth.”
“There’s my girl.” Ruby put her knee to the mattress and spread Buffy’s thighs wider as she settled herself between them and stated, “All you had to do was ask.”
The End.

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