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My interest has been snatched by Lisa’s recent account of her reading of the ‘Twilight’ series and while I’m boycotting all things ‘Twilight’ for sanity reasons I’m curious as to what others on my F-List are reading. Is it dark and moody? Action packed and fast paced? Filled with the sweaty?
I just finished ‘World War Z’ by Max Brooks and I can say that I don’t get why people were freaked out by it ‘cause I giggled all the way through. Don’t get me wrong it’s a great book, not nearly as amusing as ‘The Zombie Survival Guide,’ but definitely cute.
Kay Hooper’s Noah Bishop series is the other set of books that I’m rereading. What can I say? I like stories filled with plausible psychic abilities, serial murders and sex offenders. It’s like SVU but with more violence, better back stories and psychics… oh my!
So what are you all reading? Do you recommend it? Why?
my reading tends to be two-fold - work related and then entertainment. I'm fairly certain you don't want to hear about the stimulating books about how to educate children, so I'll go with the entertainment side...

Umm, currently rereading the Dresden Files. I'm a fast reader and I tend to forget details when I do that. So I typically reread a series once I'm finished to pick up what I missed. And hell yeah, you know I recommend Dresden, swirling black duster, and his handy friends who are more than just sidekicks.

I'm afraid all the others I'm reading you're reading as well. :D

And just out of curiousity, why are you boycotting Twilight?

Pssst... I used the icon just for you. *hugs*
I have that first book. I need to sit down and actually read it.

As for Twilight… well, I’m saturated in it and I’m tired of seeing it on my F-List every damn day. I’ll never know if it’s a good book or a good movie because I’m already sick of it. Like Anita Blake sick of it.
See, I've only recently heard about Twilight. Someone recced it to me a few months ago, but I was buried in Dresden at the time, and then someone else mentioned it a few weeks ago. Didn't even realize there was going to be a movie until I saw the preview when we went to see Batman. Just shows you how little I know. :D

*prods* You need to read Dresden, and get caught up on all of them. *prods again*
That was my reason for not reading it and like I said... got bored and curiosity is my own personal nemesis.

Currently on Book 7 - Dead Beat. However, it hasn't been so long since I've read the last two books so feel free to email me with the questions. :D
I quite love Bishop and his assorted cohorts/employees. Of course, I first discovered Kay Hooper through 'Amanda' which I still love and have read most of her stuff. But I love your description. *g*

I like Jayne Ann Krentz's Arcane society books in regards to paranormal stuff as well.

I just finished Nora Roberts' latest standalone and enjoyed it quite a lot. I tend to love her male leads and am often indifferent to the women but I really liked Cilla. (The In Death series, I admit I adore the characters leads and not-so secondaries.)

Of course, I like mysteries and romance and if I can combine the two it makes me most happy and I like G-rated stuff - hence rereading L.M. Montgomery every so often - to definitely very adult and sweaty.
Oh! Amanda was the first Kay Hooper book I read too! I thought it was wonderful and then I picked up a Bishop book and was forever sold on the series.

Nora Roberts' thrillers are pretty good. I'm not a huge fan of her trilogies just because they tend to get repetitive. I’ve never actually read her ‘In Death’ series. I might have to snatch up the first one at the local trade book shop.

I’m all for G-rated. I still read my old Hardy Boys Casefiles sometimes. Eh, I’m a big nerd.
I'll have to check out the series you mentioned. *writes it on book list* Need some reading to keep my mind occupied it seems. *grins*

There should really be a community where people rec books that fit a genre. Like... I have some issues with Twilight (I want Bella to not be such a door mat at times) and wish there were a place where you could find recs for genres that you love. Strong female leads, supernatural-esque stories.
It's a good series. Though it can get a little intense sometimes and more often than not the lead is a strong woman. Though Hooper creates a rather spectacular male characters as well.

If you want strong female types (some are supernatural and some aren't) you might want to try out Iris Johanson. Her leads are never knockout gorgeous or annoyingly perfect, but they are damn tough and more often than not they get the strongly attractive male lead. ;)

If you’re interested I can tell you which ones have the supernatural aspect and which don’t, but all of them have a mystery and usually intense action.
You know what's good... Magic Bites and Magic Burns by Ilona Andrews.

It's a new series by a husband/wife writing couple. It's paranormal romance (but not really).

I've read the Twilight series... it isn't horrible but not really memorable unless you are a cute teenage goth kid.