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I'm seeing it for the third time on Monday.

Okay so I saw the new Batman, “The Dark Knight” and it was made of win. Ledger was phenomenal and Bale didn’t disappoint but now my brother and I have begun a rapid fire discussion of who should be in the third installment. Since this post is spoiler free I shan’t name any of the villains or characters used in the newest movie. So there will be no mention of the Joker or Harvey Dent and I will focus on the characters I think would be awesome if used.


I want to see Catwoman and please, let’s ignore her current good-streak in the comics. She’s a murder, a thief and she’s not above breaking out the Joker, Two Face and the Penguin to use as a distraction so she can steal something from a museum. Yes, she realized the cluster-fuck she’d created and tried to right it, but she stole the artifact first.


This character has been around since Batman #1 that was released in 1940 and she’s still iconic today dammit! She’s just as important to Batman as the Joker in my eyes and I, for one, am willing to look past the fact that lately she’s been leaning more towards anti-hero than villain and her current costume makes her look like a demented Chihuahua. So join me in begging Nolan to bring on Catwoman but please, for the love of God, make her the villain. A villain that is every bit as dangerous as the Joker under the right circumstances just like she was meant to be.


My second choice is the Riddler. I know, I know Jim Carrey did taint his image by going the comedy route but damn if he’s not one of the few villains that can actually go toe to toe with Batman in brilliance and deduction. He figured out Batman’s real identity for cry’in out loud! Of course he then suffered from a head injury and promptly forgot it but that’s neither here nor there. He’s intelligent. He’s ruthless and think of how very awesome Nolan could make him. *sigh* Yeah, the Riddler would make my fan-girl heart swoon—not as much as Catwoman mind you, but enough.


I can’t name my third pick because it would leak spoilers and I’m not that cruel but if you want to discuss it with me feel free to shoot me an email. I’m pretty sure everyone on my F-List knows it. ;)