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*is proud*

On Wednesday I helped build a house for Habitat for Humanity and my arms, shoulders and thighs are protesting the misuse. **Note to self: Work out more.** I arranged for several associates from my new and old store to donate one of their days off and we showed up with gloves on and several strong backs. Our group helped the ‘actual’ workers get all the tresses for the roof and the garage up which put them nearly a week ahead of schedule! Yayness!
Tomorrow I’m getting up at 5am to donate my time and little bit of money to the Muscular Dystrophy Walk that’s happening in town. From 6 to 9am I will be checking in runners and organizing the race before heading home to sleep some more. I’m kinda proud of myself right now and I’m already planning to jog/walk in the March Against AIDS.
FYI: That’s why I haven’t been around much as of late. Most of my time off has been put into organizing these events and helping my store get ready for the regional visit. Eep! Hopefully we pass inspection!
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*hugs* Go you! You really do kick some serious ass, and how great that you got help from your fellow employees!

And I'm sure you guys will pass inspection with flying colors. *snuggles*
You kick ass baby! I'm so proud of all the volunteer work you do.

Good luck with the store inspection!!
You - and those who helped out as well - completely rock, Ava.

I so dislike those visits, so my sympathies, and good luck.