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Title :: Night of the Living Scooby

Title :: Night of the Living Scooby
Rating :: FR18
Disclaimer:: I do not own these characters and no profit is being made from the use of them.
Note :: This is dedicated to azraelz_angel .
Synopsis :: Xander has been watching too many Romero movies… in retaliation of all the YAH fics.

Night of the Living Scooby


A copper tasting film coated the inside of his mouth and he coughed, gagging as he tried to push himself up. Xander blinked, attempting to clear his blurred vision, as the ground beneath him shifted and he gasped, jerking back from the convulsing movement. His eyes widened as the taste in his mouth and the ache in his jaw came together to make horrible sense with the body that had been lying prone beneath him.


“Oh sweet mother…”


He trailed off and coughed, mouth watering as he rolled onto his side to block the vision of Cordelia’s torn and bloody cat-suit as he retched. Bile burned his nose, replacing the scent of blood and meat with an acidic sweetness, as it forced its way out of his body and he threw up pieces of his frenemy.


He scrambled forward, through the small foul smelling puddle, and pushed himself onto shaky legs. The back of his hand was used to rub at damp lashes as Xander took in the sight of the small alley surrounding him and turned, stumbling away from Cordelia and stopped short at the sight of the petite form laying just a few feet away.


Blonde hair was intermingled with brown where the wig had begun to slip and a pretty Victorian gown was covered in dirt. Xander took a halting step forward and then another until he was standing over the body of one of his best friends and he could see the torn skin of her neck and shoulder. The wound was too wide, too messy to be a vampire bite and a fist rose to his mouth as he clamped it shut. His worn jaw protested the harsh movement as he muffled his cry of rage and pain so that only a whimper escaped. 


“This isn’t happening. This isn’t happening.”


A shuffle came from behind him and Xander turned, eyes widening as the cheerleader pushed herself onto unsteady legs. Her head lulled to one side before she brought it to center and Xander swallowed at the sight of the blood matted hair on the crown of her head before she lifted her face to him. He stared into her milky gaze in confusion as she took a step forward, toward him.


There was sharp pain in Xander’s leg and he gasped, stumbling back from Buffy and her tight grip on his ankle. He fell, elbows cracking against the pavement as he tried to save his head and he watched in growing horror as Buffy’s pale hands clawed at his torn slacks and she dragged herself up him. Her head lifted and Xander’s eyes closed, blocking out the sight of the bite mark—his bite mark—on her cheek and that his best friend’s eyes had the same cloudy film covering them as she stared at him mutely and continued to drag herself up his prone form.


A sob escaped Xander as Cordelia fell to her knees beside him and wrapped her cold arms around his shoulders before her teeth sank sharply into his neck.


“This isn’t happening.”


The End.


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Anyhoo! Thank you! But when you think about it. This had to be done by someone.

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*bounces* Oh god Ava this was just perfect. Seriously! I can't imagine it coming out better than that.

I'm so glad I badgered the shit outta you was able to convince you to put it down on paper.

Are you posting it to TtH? *battles eyelashes* You know you want to. I'll leave a 10 review and a rec and everything!

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Hee! I was hoping you'd like it and ask and ye shall receive. It has been posted on TtH but you don't have to review it again! Once is enough. *hugs*

Think anyone else will appreciate my dark humor? ;)
Are you kidding me? I'm going to review the hell outta this piece wherever you post it. It makes me cackle like an idiot and happy that you wrote a non-traditional but completely rational YAHF :)

You mean Xander being eaten alive by zombie!Cordy and zombie!Buffy isn't an image you want to cherish for forever?

Hee! I do so love the odd bits of horror that come out of my brain.

*wonders off to see else I can twist all to hell*
That was awesome, and this compliment comes from someone who HATES zombies. Weird, right? I love vampires, werewolves, ghosts, witches, etc...zombies just freak me out.