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Lazarus Rising *spoilers*


In a word, awesome.


The opening was damn interesting. The panicked eyes just worked for me and added something to the opener sequence that I was very nervous about. Hey, it’s Dean. I adore him. I also love that he’s getting flashbacks rather than a full memory of what transpired in hell. It’s an interesting approach and one that’s very believable. Did anyone else love the fact that Dean’s voice was hoarse for the first few scenes? As if he’d been screaming too much? Perfect.


I freakin’ adored Bobby’s reaction to Dean’s phone calls and then his appearance on his doorstep. Bobby officially owns my heart. He can do no wrong and even if he did I’d forgive him and squeeze his adorable cheeks. My non-sexual crush is well and truly alive with this one.


Castiel is an interesting twist. I was all about him being the first ‘supernatural’ good guy but now I’m not so sure. I’m waiting to reserve judgment till later on in the series but I would also like to point out that there are demons but they’ve never seen Lucifer, but still do things in his name (IE Casey). So I think it’s perfectly believable that there are angels that do things in God’s name, but don’t necessarily have his backing or even his interest. *shrugs*


Ruby… bah. My favorite SPN female character becomes an insipid tween role-model. Oh how the mighty have fallen. Is it too soon to write to Kripke and request a recast? That actress has been awful in every damn thing I’ve seen her in. *sigh* I hope she falls on the nifty knife.


I don't like New!Ruby either. She's not predatory/menacing enough. She doesn't give off that demon badass vibe.

I loved Bobby's reaction to Dean. The holy water was awesome. :)

When you said 'nifty knife' I was totally thinking the 'subtle knife' from the Golden Compass. Not really sure why.
I'm pretty sure I could take on the new Ruby and not worry over it.

The holy water was nice almost gag moment. I adore when they toss those in at randome times.

The new female playing Ruby truly needs to trip and fall into a vat of Holy Water. the nifty knife would kill her, so we just need them to recast Ruby with someone ELSE.