stock: typewriter

Does anybody wanna be my guinea pig?

I’m attempting to shove my way through my writers block regarding the last freakin’ scene of the next story in the wolf!Buffy ‘verse and I keep hitting creative dead ends. Or maybe I’m not and just need someone to keep me on track and focused as I write it. My usual accomplices,polgara_5and azraelz_angel, are away this weekend *sniffles* and I need help. Please? *bats lashes* There’s virtual cookies and possibly a manip in it for you.

***Edit :: That damn blinking cursor is mocking me.

***Edit :: I think I finished it. *narrows eyes* Yes, I do think it's finished and I did it all on my own! Yay! Now to just let it sit still for the three day cool down period before attempting to read what I've written... damn.
*huggles* Sorry I was away when you needed some help. *nudges* Next time you should just join me. Seriously. I mean it. You, Meri, and me. Could you picture it now? But yay you finished it!!! *huggles again*
*sniffles* I went through Pol withdrawal but we're chatting right now so it's getting better. ;)