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The update for to my series ‘The Law of Club and Fang’ put me over the 400k words published on TtH! I met my New Years goal! *does happy dance*


If anyone wants to read, ‘No Fair Play’ you can click on the story title. FYI It's an AU for BtVS so if you're not into that type of thing you might want to steer clear.


*dances some more*

Congratulations, Ava. That's damned impressive. *throws confetti*

Also, your icon is lovely.
Yeay! Been hoping for more from this series. It's such a different approach and I'm completely in love with it! :D Also, congrats on the milemarker!

*runs off to read*

(hmm.. this reminds me, should get started on your poster ;))
Thank you! Hope you enjoy it and take your time with the poster. I'm excited to see it, but I completely understand that you can't bend the muse to your will.