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Title :: Welcome Back, Rabbit

Title :: Welcome Back, Rabbit
Progress :: 40/100
Prompt :: #19 Pain
Fandom :: Resident Evil/Buffy
Disclaimer :: I do not own these characters and no profit is being made from the use of them.

Welcome Back, Rabbit



Sooty lashes fluttered as the nurse pulled the splinters from Rabbit’s side and Cain’s lips thinned as he watched her remove a four inch long sliver that had been nestled between the fourth and fifth rib. Umbrella’s greatest achievement with the T-Virus thus far stiffened and green eyes opened wide as the last sharpened edge was pulled free and Rabbit jerked, spinning away from the nurse and clutching her side as a narrowed gaze took in her surroundings.

Her breath came in harsh pants and Cain’s gaze dropped to admire her bared breasts before she covered them and moved so that her legs were hanging from the side of the examination table and the nurse rose, her tongue clicking as she admonished, “You’re awake. Good. Now stop fidgeting, there’s only a few more.”

“Where am I?”

“Safe.” Rabbit focused on him, snorting at his clipped, one-word answer and he watched her back stiffen, spine straightening as the nurse resettled herself before Rabbit’s wounded side and began to remove more splinters with an oversized pair of tweezers. His lips thinned as he held her gaze and ignored the flinching around her eyes as the nurse resumed her work. “Now, my Rabbit, what happened during your jog this morning?”

Her brows sloped downward as she struggled a moment to find the right words and finally settled for the easiest. “There were three dogs, Doberman I think, they attacked me on the trail.” She paused, wincing as another long sliver was removed before stating, a slight waver in her voice. “They looked…” She trailed off and frowned, her gaze focusing on the white, linoleum tiled floor beside the major.

“How did they look?”

Cain prompted as he stepped forward and her chin lifted, locking gazes with him once more before she clarified, “They looked dead.”

His eyes widened, jaw tensing as he growled out, “Did they bite you?”

“What?” She shook her head. “No.”

His gaze turned to the nurse who also shook her head in the negative, agreeing with Rabbit’s assessment and some of the tension in his shoulders eased. She had not been infected beyond Isaacs’s involvement, but now he had to figure out how exactly three dogs had been infected with the T-Virus—when the easiest solution had left along with the arrogant doctor the previous day.

“You managed to fight off three of these hounds without being bitten?”

She nodded with his simplification of what she had been through and added, “Now the bear was a little more difficult.”

A muscle above his left eye twitched as he reiterated, “Bear?” 



The End.

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