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Title:The Last

Title :: The Last
Rating :: FR13
Fandom :: Supernatural/The Last Unicorn
Disclaimer :: I do not own these characters and no profit is being made from the use of them.
Note :: This is the first of three stories.

Synopsis :: The firstling bull didn’t push all the unicorns into the shadowed corners of the Earth—man did.

The Last


Rubber burned asphalt as Dean’s boot slammed heavy and leaden on the Impala’s break and the seatbelt locked, snapping him in place as the car shuddered and groaned to a complete stop. He exhaled, eyes wide and focused on the white mare standing in the center of the road before a muttered, “Christ,” fell from pale lips and Sam nodded mutely beside him.


Her head rose, mane sweeping back to resemble a shower of sea foam before she stepped to the side and Dean’s eyes narrowed as a smaller, slimmer form was revealed. Wide brown eyes blinked into the headlights of the Impala, light reflecting off dilated pupils, as the fawn shifted forward, white spots flashing as it stretched it’s neck, dipped it’s head to sniff at the grill of the car.


It jerked back, nimble legs dancing as it shook its head against the odd smell, before shifting to the side and sprinting off into the night. The mare turned, watched the fawn slip away safe before she turned her focus back to the Impala and the Winchester brothers. Blue eyes, flat and unremarkable, looked past the glaring light and into the car to meet Dean’s gaze head-on. She huffed, front hooves lifting from the asphalt as she reared, breaking contact with Dean before turning and slipping back into the thick forest surrounding the back road.


His hands flexed around the steering wheel several times before Dean let out a hushed, “Dude.”


Sam nodded. “Yeah.”


“Was that…” he trailed off, not willing to finish the thought—at least not yet.


The leather of the bench-seat groaned as Sam shifted to stare at the side of his brother’s face before he offered, “We could stick around, look into it.”


Dean swallowed and shook his head before he eased his foot off the brake and returned it to the gas. “Nah.”


“You sure?”


His brows rose and he turned to offer Sam a half-smile. “It could’a just been a horse. ‘Sides I doubt she’s really something we’d need to worry about.”


“Guess not.” Sam was quiet for a moment as the Impala picked up speed, but at a more sedated pace. He let the silence stretch a moment longer before offering, his voice filling with amusement as his pulse slowed. “I didn’t notice any rainbows when she ran off.”


The snort and sharp bark of laughter had Sam’s smile stretching wider before he settled himself into the seat and welcomed back the easy calm between them. He’d look into it later. When all his time wasn’t immersed in looking for a way to break Dean of his contract; when he had a moment or a second to think on something else.


The End.

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