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Title :: Fade Away

Title :: Fade Away
Series :: Once Upon a Time

Word Count :: 200

Fandom :: Sleeping Beauty

Disclaimer :: I do not own these characters and no profit is being made from the use of them.


Synopsis :: Things you probably shouldn’t say in front of a dragon. Silly vampire.


Fade Away


A sleek, black form swept across the cloud-covered sky, paper-thin wings stretched wide to capture the wind and use it for their benefit as they sliced through the fall of rain. She arched downward, toward the group of four who dared to raise arms against her and those she served—and she did serve the wolf, ram and hart and would serve them for four hundred more years if it kept her Beauty asleep inside her castle of brick and thorns. 


“Well, personally, I kind of want to slay the dragon,” the vampire’s words carried through the downpour and reached Maleficent whose saffron eyes narrowed, a spark of light flaring behind them as her body plummeted toward the street. Her narrow mouth opened, baring a row of sharpened teeth as she inhaled the heavy air before exhaling a plum of green swirled fire.


The street bellow was bathed in eerie twilight before the flames struck the four and rendered two to nothing more then insolent ash. Fools was the only thought that registered as Maleficent arched her slim neck, wings spread to catch an updraft as she rose up, back toward the sky to dance with the clouds and lightning.


The End.

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Hi there!

Hee! I do allow Disney to fight back at times. ;)

Though I do need to create a demented Disney icon to go with this series. *ponders*
Doesn't she though? I simply love Sleeping Beauty and Maleficent was definitely one of the creepier villians.
I'm never looking at the old bedtime stories the same way again.

That means my work here is done. *beams*
I like Angel sometimes and other times I wanted Faith to just stake his ass. Of course had Joss killed him early on I wouldn't have had the fun of watching Spike annoy the crap outta him in season 5 of AtS and that right there almost makes it all worth it.