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Holy Crap on a Cracker


So I finally sat down and went through my COA nominations, rather then just accepting or declining and deleting and there were a few more then I thought there were. *glances at Kel and Pol and raises a brow* Anyhoo, thank you to everyone who nom’ed me. Especially for best series (yay! The Law of Club and Fang). It was super nifty ‘cause that particular nomination never made it outta the out box so I didn’t know it had been nom’ed till I started going though the nominees. *bounces* Score!


I also turned down a lot more noms this year then last. So, sorry to anyone I might have turned down! Though I really need to branch outta SPN ‘cause that’s what I kept getting nom’ed in. I guess I should take that as a compliment since I think that means I write the SPN characters pretty well. (Woot! for This is War)


Anyway. Thank you to whoever nom’ed me for best crossover author. Not sure I deserve it, but it makes me all squishy inside anyways. I’m probably not going to list all my nominations ‘cause then it might seem like I’m bragging rather then bouncing with glee. Which I am bouncing—a lot.


All I’ll say is if you like my work, thanks and if you feel inclined to vote for it, double thanks.



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Hey! I only nomm'd you twice - and evidently you thought they were good ones since you accepted both of them. ;)
I have absolutely no clue as to what you're talking about.. in either cases...

*kicks pebble*
*looks innocent* who, me?

well.. yeah :D

I just thought you deserved these noms because damnit! you're one of THE best writers I've ever read anything by (including people who's gotten published. I would have loved reading a "real" buffy novel that said "written by ava" on the front :D). You've made me an addict, woman!

*gets the shakes* give me another hit soon! ;)
You've made me an addict, woman!

That means my work here is done. ;)

You're too sweet for words and now I'm all blushy and full of giggles. I thank yee for the kind words, even if I'm not sure they're entirely deserved. *smooches*
YAY for Law of Club and Fang, I've read a little of it and I am saving the rest for the day when things are just so bad I need a good fic to read, I am happy for you :D
*nods* I'm very excited about the series nom and congrats on your nominations sweetie!