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Title :: The Price of Life

Title :: The Price of Life

Progress :: 41/100

Fandom :: Resident Evil/Buffy

Prompt :: #71 River

Disclaimer :: I do not own these characters and no profit is being made from the use of them.

The Price of Life



Cain’s knee lifted and he absently shook his foot, attempting to free the muck from the bottom of his shoe as he watched the team of scientists hover over the remains of the hounds and bear that Rabbit had eliminated. His lips thinned in distaste as the thin mud splattered the leg of his slacks and he sighed, letting his foot fall back to the ground before turning toward the narrow river that cut through the forest that surrounded Arklay—the very forest that created a rather large and intrusive headache for his security detail.


Several steps brought him closer to the river’s edge and he watched the slow current slip away from him and toward the reservoir. His brows rose with how easily the virus could have reached the citizens of Raccoon City had the creatures behind him followed the waterway towards the surplus of humanity only three miles north. This sudden realization cemented the fact what his time in the United States Military had taught him.


Life, was in fact, cheap.


It wasn’t sacred or precious as his immigrant father had preached to his three children after they came to America and changed their names. No, his time in the Persian Gulf had given him the skills his father lacked and taught him how to survive. Then Umbrella had offered him the means to put those skills and talents to better use and recompensed him with obscene amounts of money. 




He turned away from his internal thoughts and toward the scientist currently standing beside him. He inclined his head and kept his smile pleasant as he awaited the progress update. The scientist, a pleasant faced twenty-something shifted from mud covered boot to mud covered boot before he sighed and prompted, “Is there something you needed?”


She cleared her throat and lifted the plastic case that contained several vials filled with the infected blood of the hounds and bear. “I need to get back—”


One of his men stepped forward and the technician’s mouth clamped shut as she steadily avoided looking at the large gun strapped to the security officer’s side. She was instantly ignored as Cain turned his focus toward the urgency radiating from his man. He inclined his head and the stepped back from the group, towards the river.


“What is it?”

The officer’s mouth dipped at the corners. “There’s been an incident, Major Cain.”


His brows rose. “What happened?”


“We lost contact with One’s group 6 hours ago, sir.”


“They were briefed before they entered the Hive.”


His man nodded. “I understand, sir, but they had just come back from the incident in Sheena. Perhaps they weren’t the best team to—”


“I am not now, nor will I ever, ask for your opinion.”


The soldier cleared his throat after Cain’s abrupt interruption and dipped his chin. “Of course, sir.”


“Good. Now tell me what exactly has happened at the Hive?”


The End.

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OMG! :-)

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...bout damn time, too!! *grumble*

So, you know what I just love about your writing...? Yes, sometimes you do get a little bogged down in your details (it's VERY rare, though), but you provide enough description that I can picture everything playing out like a movie in my mind! :-)

GOD! I LOVE THIS SERIES!! :-) remember, though... I can't read it at TtH when I'm at work, so you need to make sure, just for lil ole Muse, that you update the journal, too! LOL

Details and I have a very love/hate relationship. I write alot of them, but when it comes time to edit my muse is unwilling to part with clutter. My stories are usually about 10% longer before I start the editing process. ;)

I shall always update on LJ for you Miss Muse. I usually post here before I post on TtH too.

Hell yeah you did! Who do you think turned me onto Buffy/Riddick?

I'm just super sneaky, ninja like and you never noticed.
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I haven't forgotten but other bunnies jumped into my head. Though I do have a plot outlined and dialogue snippets written for it.

So it's totally not forgot on the back burn while my muse jumps all over the Buffy/Hell fic.
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