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I give you my tongue,
and the word it has for you,
and the pleasure it has for you
as I speak silently
to your body.

Untitled” – Patrick Mulrooney 

Okay, so hopefully the first verse of that poem caught my F-list’s attention. I’m proposing a challenge to you all. If you write me a drabble (100 or 200 words; no more, no less) using this poem as a jumping off point with a pairing your choosing as long as it isn’t incest (IE no Sam/Dean or John Connor/Derek Reese) I will let you challenge me to write you a drabble, using this poem for inspiration, for a pairing of your choosing from the fandoms I write in.


The only catch is there can be no dialogue, no spoken words between the two (or three) characters. I want intimacy and soft touches… or heated. I won’t turn away a smatter of sweaty. ;) Heck even humor is welcome.


Good luck and the fandoms I can write comfortably in are as follows: BtVS, AtS, Supernatural, Anita Blake, Merry Gentry, Stargate (SG1 & Atlantis), Dark Angel, The Return, Night Calls, Mercy Thompson series, Sookie Stackhouse series, Resident Evil, Smallville, Blade, Batman (Nolan Movie’veres and comics), Noah Bishop series, Lost, Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles, Burn Notice. (the bold ‘verses I haven’t written in yet, but I’m willing to try.)

FYI: I might need 24 hours to write response drabble since I work tomorrow, but I do have off the next two days so I can keep going if you guys do and if you write more then one drabble you get more then one drabble in return.  

Edit: I'm a tool. *facepalm* Please post your drabbles and pairings as a comment to this thread and I'll respond with a drabble for you.



I haz a seekrit. I'll share it with you when I'm done with it.

Shhhhh... Be vewy vewy quiet... I iz writin' drabblezes
And this is a bad thing why? ;)

Think about it. I'll write you a pairing of your choosing. Like Daniel/Capt Jack, Buffy/Jack or Buffy/John, Faith/Daniel, Sookie/Spike... the possibilities are endless - okay not endless, but virtually so. Hee!
Great idea hun, and I did try my best at it since I can't resist some prodding and poking *lol*

So uh.. are we supposed to comment with it or post in our own journal? *confused* (remember, never done this before ;))

And yeah.. you can only guess where my POV is coming from *giggle* ;D
Oh lovey, you will RUE the day you threw this out!

*cracks fingers and hunches over the keys* My daughter will just have to wait.

No rueing, none whatsoever. I want the chance to stretch my muse a bit. She's tired of the constant angst but I don't want to stray too far from SPN and lose that bunny to the backwoods of my thoughts so drabbles work nicely as a breather.
Drabble response
Patience and Mercy

By: dharkapparition
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the lint under my bed…
Pairing: Mercedes Thompson/Adam Hauptman


His surprise lasted as long as it took for my shirt to hit the floor with a soft sound. Adam’s eyes seemed to glow for a brief second and then his hands were reaching for me, meeting me halfway as I knelt on the small bed. His kisses had always robbed me of coherent thought and this time I welcomed it instead of resisting, sinking into his body with a soft sigh against his urgent mouth. Ardent demand was tempered by care and the safety of his embrace soothed my instinctive need to run; Coyote submitted to Wolf without hesitation.

Yielding kisses became searing and we shifted against each other, my leg hitching up over his hip and his desire pressing against my soft heat.

Indistinct murmurs and sighs did nothing to distract from large hands gliding through dark hair and white teeth tasting golden skin. Never had enhanced senses been such a blessing and we moved to the sound of our hearts thundering.

Satiated and glowing, we rested; snuggled toe to chest in my small bed and the words began with a hum. He’d said them first, when it mattered most and I looked deep into Adam’s hooded gaze. I opened my lips to speak and he swallowed them in a kiss, tasting deep and savoring what he’d waited for so patiently.


PS: I went a little over... Oops?

Requested Pairing: Ben (Mercy Thompson series, after Iron Kissed)/ Faith (BtVS) ** because they’re both proud and broken inside
Re: Drabble response
*bounces and squees* Oh yay! Mercy and Adam. Yum! I can't wait till the new book comes out. Nicely hot and sweet and so perfectly Adam.

Requested Pairing: Ben/Faith
Word Count: 100

His accent annoyed her.

Which was why, more often then not, Faith’s mouth would claim his before Ben could utter a sound. Bringing with it more teeth then tongue as his warm—damn warm—hands slipped up the curve of her ass and molded them from hips to chest. Pulling her forward and tighter until she wondered if he was gonna use all that impressive strength to tear her apart or just tear her up. The possessive growl quirked her mouth against his and the question was answered as her back met the wall and her shirt hit the floor.
Title: Reassurance

Fandom: NCIS

Tony’s body let out an involuntary shudder as Gibbs’ teeth nipped at the sensitive spot behind his ear. The older man’s hold on him was tight, nearly possessive. Not that it surprised him.

Earlier that day their suspect had pulled a gun and got off a round before Gibbs had managed to take him down. The bullet had grazed the side of Tony’s chest, not even deep enough to require stitches. He had seen the panicked look in Gibbs’ eyes as he saw the blood and the fingers tightening into a fist to prevent from reaching out to touch him. Forcing himself to remain professional while in the company of their colleagues.

But here at their home it was different. Here he could reassure himself that Tony was safe and alive. Words that couldn’t be spoken at the office and were rarely said in private came alive with each touch.

Gibbs didn’t have to say it out loud for Tony to know that he was loved. Wordlessly he worshipped every inch of Tony’s body. Every kiss soothed his skin and set it ablaze all at once. In the silence he heard every word not said and returned them in kind.

And I know this is going to shock you but.... I wanna read Buffy/John Sheppard ;)
Oooohhhh nice. I do so love the boy smoochies!

Pairing:: Buffy/John Sheppard
Word:: 200

Note: It started out as fluff and then when into an entirely different direction… whoops?

The bridge of his nose nudged her chin and Buffy pulled back, tucking it to her chest as she arched a brow. John’s mouth quirked and his arms tensed around her waist as he tugged her forward and her thighs spread wider as she fully straddled his lap and caught her bottom lip between white teeth. Worked at the tender bit of flesh as John’s gaze lowered to watch the subtle movement and his grip tightened before slowly letting up.

One of his hands freed itself and inched its way upward, between her shoulder blades to urge her forward and her lashes lowered as John’s face drew near. His breath eased across her bottom lip before he caught it with his teeth and she sighed, nimble fingers slipping into his hair, twisting as she drew him that inch closer and pressed their lips together, thighs tightening around his waist.

His head cocked, mouth opening to welcome the clever invasion of her tongue as he returned the act with as much finesse as he could muster after her hips started to rock of their own volition. The kiss deepened, stretched until there was nothing left between them but heat and sweat.
Title: Underlying Meanings

Fandoms: BtVS/Firefly

For as smart as the man was, he certainly leaned toward the moronic when he tried to talk to someone one on one. Especially when he was interested in said person. At least, Dawn hoped he was interested in her. She was fairly certain she had been reading all the body signals correctly since the strangest words would come out of his mouth whenever he spoke.

It was rather cute, in a pathetic sort of way. The great Simon Tam, reduced to babbling and backtracking whenever something stupid left his mouth. She could tell he never really meant them the way they sounded, but for a guy known for his ability to over think things, he never took that few extra seconds to ponder on how some of his phrasing would sound.

But something about the way he fumbled his words while his eyes pleaded for her to understand their true intent tugged at her already falling heart. It was becoming increasingly obvious that if he was interested he wasn’t going to make the first move, which meant it was up to her.

In the middle of yet another rambling backtrack, she silences him by pressing her lip to his.

My next pairing prompt is *drumroll* Captain Jack/Daniel Jackson. :D
*giggles* Dawnie and Tam. So cute, so sweet and he really did backtrack a lot didn't he?

Pairing:: Daniel/Capt Jack
Word Count:: 200

The thought that anyone named Jack would forever be his best friend while simultaneously being a pain in the ass crossed Daniel’s mind again as he watched his newest team member flirt with the blushing waitress without ever saying a word. It was in the subtle lift of his brow and the, however slight, deepening of his smile that left had her beaming and swatting Jack’s arm with her order pad.

Daniel shook his head and leaned forward, caught the condensation-lined glass of water in his hand and settled himself back for dinner and a show. The first sip had barely slipped past his lips before he noticed Jack giving him much the same look as he had the waitress—not entirely flattering when one stopped think about—and Daniel’s hand tensed when he felt the all too familiar blush work its way up from the collar of his shirt.

He shot his teammate a shrewd and definitely not flattered look before returning his glass to the table and let his hand fall to rest around the base. Jack’s smile slipped away as he studied him a moment before reaching across the table and touching his fingertips to Daniel’s hand.
i give you my tongue,
and the word it has for you,
and the pleasure it has for you
as i speak silently
to your body.
“untitled” – patrick mulrooney

The Dance
Pairing: Buffy Summers/Nick Stokes

Large alligator tears spill down her cheeks and I wonder if I’ve made the wrong move. Being with her is a constant dance; she’s passionate and loving but so damn scared of opening herself without control.

Hesitantly I slide my fingers up along the column of her neck, she shudders as I weave my fingers through her hair. With a gentle tug her head tilts back, eyes full of uncertainty widen as I brush my lips across hers.

The muscles under my fingers tighten; with regret I loosen my hold, stepping back.

Like a dance, she moves forward grabbing arm.

Would love a piece featuring Buffy and Noah Bishop Series. No pairing required. *grins*
'member, you asked for this.
Title :: She Belonged
Fandom :: BtVS/Noah Bishop Series
Pairing :: Buffy/OC
Rating :: FR18 (non-graphic, nonconsensual situation implied)
Word Count :: 220

The cowl neck sweater shifted, exposing more sun-kissed skin as the teenager bent at the waist, gathering wood to help start the fire her father was prepping. She rose, pushing the ankle high leaves out of her way as she stepped, green eyes narrowed and locked on the ground. Her gloss-covered lips curved upward as she spied yet another dry piece and she turned away before the curved outline of her ass was presented to him as if she knew—of course she knew.

Buffy Summers always knew when a man was watching and he watched. He waited and watched as the sunlight slipped through the soft waves of her hair. She had pulled it back that morning, before the long car ride to Palomar Mountain State Park, and a few strands had loosened, spilling around her face. White teeth were flashed at him—only him—as she twisted her lithe body and made her way closer, gaze still trained on the foliage covered ground.

He slipped around the wide trunk of the tree, easily ducking from sight, so easily. His breath misted outward and shudder wracked his slim frame as he pressed his erection tight against the harsh bark. His eyes fluttered closed as her steps drew nearer and he knew their time to meet drew nearer—so near.
Title: Comforting Embrace

Fandoms: BtVS/SG-1

Buffy stared forlornly out the window. It had been a rough mission all around that day. She didn't know if their current strategy against the Ori was working or if it was just delaying the inevitable. It physically hurt to helplessly stand by and watch another planet fall under the Ori's thumb because they hadn't figured out the best method of taking out the Priors yet. There was nothing more they could do for these people until that day.

Slender but firm arms slipped around her middle and she could feel Vala press against her back. A soft reassuring kiss was placed on her hairline before a cheek rested against her head. Despite Vala's normally talkative nature, she seemed to understand that words were not going to help this time. Instead she silently tightened her hold and stared unseeingly at the view on the other side of the glass, joining Buffy in her vigil.

Vala's touch had the power to ignite a fire under Buffy's skin or soothe the angry beast within. This particular evening, Buffy let her eyes flutter shut and her lover's comforting embrace chase the horrors of the day away.

And after this evenings discussion, I'm sure this won't come as a surprise to you - Clark/Oliver.
Title :: Three Man Show
Word Count :: 411
Pairing :: Oliver/Buffy/Clark
Rating :: FR21

The hard ridge of skin covering the tips of his fingers grazed her neck as Oliver pushed a strand of hair behind Buffy’s shoulder and slipped his hand around the back of her neck. Fingers cupping the corded muscles as he leaned over, captured her mouth with his own and swallowed her startled cry as Clark’s mouth found its way between her spread thighs. His mouth pressed against hers, pushing downward and forcing her to open wider as his tongue slipped in, skimmed around with a practiced ease and finesse that mimicked Clark’s actions and had her hands fisting in the blanket laid out under them.

The straw crackled beneath her shuddering form and a hand rose from the blanket to cup the back of Oliver’s head. Her mouth narrowing around his tongue and she pulled it further inside with a light suction as Clark’s talented mouth tightened the muscles in her stomach, started a slight quiver in her thighs and suddenly a wind lifted her hair, cooled the sticky sweat covering her body and Clark was inside of her. Stretching, filling and her back arched, mouth breaking free of Oliver’s as she gasped for breath and the orgasm rocked her body, tightening it around Clark’s cock as his hands gripped her hips, held them immobile and himself inside of her.

She came back to them with the feel of Clark rocking between her thighs, shallow thrusts that had her shifting against the wool blanket and she blinked up at the sight of Oliver’s mouth pushing against Clark’s. Teeth nipping and dragging his bottom lip downward before easing back in and she watched their jaws work, lips spreading and her inner walls tightened and she dipped her chin, watched their effect send ripples up Clark’s stomach and into his chest as the muscles flexed.

He broke the kiss and turned his darkening gaze downward and Buffy smiled, mouth still swollen from Oliver’s attention, and shifted her gaze to her other lover. Her hand stroked his thigh, fingers slipping through the coarse hair as she inched higher until her hand found its way around the base of his cock and twisted. His head fell back and her smile stretched as Clark lowered himself down, arms caging her shoulders as his hips thrust forward. She kept her hand in time with Clark’s easy momentum, ensured they all felt the same steady movement and that this, these moments never became a two man show.
Last one, I promise. Mostly cause I should start concentrating on Wayward Angel...

Title: Giving In

Fandom: NCIS

Small hands shoved him against the wall before fisting his jacket. He felt himself tugged down just enough so that lips could be raised to meet his own. Fire raced through his veins as he pulled the lithe body closer to his own. The last four years had been building to this moment. All of the glances, the subtle comments, the deliberate teasing.

He hadn't been kidding when he told her that he was tired of pretending. The hiding how they really felt about each other. Not letting the moment progress farther than professionally appropriate. But what he had intended on doing was burying his feelings completely so that neither would get hurt. He hadn't counted on her coming over to his apartment and boldly making a move before he could even get a greeting out.

The last time they had kissed they were undercover, but it had never been like this. Before it was all for show, this was filled with a desperate hunger. A hunger for each other that they were no longer denying. He gave in to her passionate claim on him and led her towards his bedroom, never breaking contact with her body.

And my final pairing request: Buffy/Michael Weston. ;)