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What were-animal am I? (or I should be working)

Cheerfully stolen from dharkapparition

Pol, please tell me you see the irony and amusement in this outcome. Hee!

Your result for Which Were Animal Would You Be? Test...

You are a Were-Fox!

70% fox, 30% wolf, 20% horse, 50% tiger, 40% leopard, 40% rat and 40% bear!

A fox is a predator, yet they can also be scavengers and foragers.

As a werefox you will be agile and athletic. You will take your prey by surprise. You won't be only dieting on raw flesh, but will eat a variety of foods including fruits and berriers. Therefore, your new persona will be easy to hide from humans.

You will be mostly nocturnal. If someone does manage to track you your cleverness and cunning will make it a very difficult task for them. You will easily confuse those persuing you, because you will be very unpredictable.

You will have one mate, and a lucky mate indeed. Foxes are monogamous creatures.

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After all the times you've tackled me with your 'ninja moves' I find the "You will take your prey by surprise" bit definitely giggle worthy.

And that you've outlining an original character as a werefox... sweet.