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WIP meme

Cheerfully yanked from jedibuttercup

Post a single sentence from each WIP you have (or as many as you want to pick). No context, no explanations. No more than one sentence!


1 Soft wings and thin legs tangled in the snarled mass of her hair as more cascaded down to land against or near her as she lifted her hands in welcome.


2 She smiled faintly, accepting a pretty word for a horrible act.


3 To this day Buffy still wasn’t sure why she’d been drawn to Hobart and William Smith after the events that had dragged Sunnydale into a crater, but she’d adored ever moment of her education even if she’d be feeling the effects of that love tugging on her wallet until the far off future.


4 Her last memory before this new world had been of her and Dawn being attacked by a demon at their apartment in Rome.


5 Buffy was already out of the kitchen and heading towards the living room before Faith had even processed that an adult was calling her name in distress rather than rage.


6 While she was a potential security risk, Anne was also the embodiment of the prefect Lo’taur.


7 The group of people surrounding his bedside parted and Daniel’s spine went ridged as he caught sight of himself as he pushed his way between Sam and Mitchell and his mouth dipped at the corners as he muttered, “Well that can’t be good.”


8 Her jaw tensed, eyes widening before she growled out, slow and precise, “Son of a bitch.”

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*bounces* I know about the first one!!!

*pouts* And now I wanna know all about the others... And yes, that was a hint.