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Big Bang

Okay so it’s been forever and a day since I last updated the f-list on the Big Bang fic’age. I’ve reached 23,156 on the word count which means I’m uber close to my minimum word count of 30k. Unfortunately I’m not that close to the end of the fic’age so I’m probably going to be closer to 50k (with how wordy my muse is getting) with this particular story.


I’m also a little nervous since the Big Bang community has gone silent and the moderators missed the second check in which was on March 15. Those types of things don’t bode well for a writing community, especially one that’s asking their members to write 30k stories and were suppose to offer support to those that need it. *shakes head*


Oh wells, my F-list has been super supportive and I have to thank Pol and Kel for holding my hand through some of this fic’age. I’m trying out characters I normally leave in the background and it’s a bit nerve-wracking—still not entirely sure I got Cordy’s voice right though. ;)

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Congratulations on both the word count and the trying out of previously not-so-used characters, Ava. You and Pol definitely have me in awe at all this writing.
Thanks! I've also got a semi-OC character. Eep! They're only semi-original character because I've never read the Faith novel "Go Ask Malice." Which has Faith's original Watcher in it. Kel was nice enough to point out some of her physical attributes and that she's a stuffy watcher type and then I ran with it.

*nudges* You should write. I'd take a drabble. *bats lashes* Pwetty pwease?
Always adds that extra pressure when you're bringing characters that you don't often write up to the front. *shudders* Good luck sweets
It does, unfortunately. Oh wells. Heres to me trying something different. Thanks for the well wishes. I'm gonna need'em. ;)
That is awesome that your word count is that high! *high five* I <3 your wordiness though.

And yes, I'd be a little worried about the comm missing the checkin and the mods not mentioning the checkin.

At least we are all here for you. And I'm tickled to hold your hand and help you out. You rock.
The comm missing the checkins worries me something fierce and makes me leary to trust them with my work before it's posted. So Pol and I have agreed to make each other art for our stories.

*blushes* Your assistance has been beyond helpful. Especially with the Dormer and Faith parts. *nods* I'd have been lost.