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Big Bang

*yawns* So it’s late, or really early depending on how you look at it, and I’m going to sleep shortly but I wanted to update the F-List on the Big Bang. Just finished another scene and I’m excited and sadden to say that I only have 9 more scenes to go. (Unless I go back and added those few we talked about polgara_5. We both know I ‘heart’ the bad guys like whoa most of the time. )

My current word count is a little over 34,000 which means I wrote over 10,000 words in that last 7 days alone. So go me! *does the dance of joy and exhaustion* I really, really need to untrain my muse from thinking that her peek times of productivity are between 12 and 3 am. These late nights are taking a toll, let me tell you. *yawns some more*

I think the fic’age is coming along nicely and I was given the pretty compliment from my personal cheerleader polgara_5 that I should write Oz more often. Of course this compliment came after Kel took the time to go over that particular scene and catch some very un-Oz like moments. So thanks ladies! You both rock!

Alright kittens, that is the end of the update. Good night and good luck!

*hugs tightly* I'm so proud of you!! You've got the word count taken care of and now all that's left is finishing up those last scenes. I'm sure if you keep up this pace you'll have plenty of time to add in those others. ;)

And you totally deserved that compliment. So many people just don't use Oz at all and he's such a wonderful character. *giggles* And you used Doyle! Whoo hoo!

*whispers* I know I said I was going to write the sweaty next, but when I woke up this morning the muse was ready to write the next chappie. Woke up and bam! it was all planned out in my head. I think an actual good night's sleep helped.

*hugs again*
*hugs back* I'm hoping to get those scenes written cause I really want to write those bad guys and the Willow and Bobby email interaction.

Oz and Doyle were fun and I wish I could save Doyle in this series but I think his death will have more of an impact now that he'll have been with Angel longer. *winces* I'm such a bitch.

Of course now that Oz has wormed his way into my muse there might be plans for him or Cordy in this series. I'll have to ponder on it and try to figure out how to work the third or fourth story in the series and if Willow and Oz get back together once she and Xander start smooching and cheating.

Ooohhh! That's great news about the next chapter sweetie! I can hold off on the sweaty badgering if it means I get to more Daniel grovel. Hee!
There'll be about two chapters focused on Buffy/Oz and Oz/Angel and Co interaction and he might make a bigger appearance in the sequel. *nods* I like his outlook more then most of the other BtVS characters.
He has to teach Buffy to drive. Hee!

Oz: Stop sign. *pause* Stop sign. *brows raise and his head turns looking out the window* So that was a stop sign.
I'm not entirely sure we'll see a driving session first hand or they'll be used as random moments of funny between Oz and Buffy later on in the series.
Congrats on the progress, Ava. The prospect of Oz makes me happy; the prospect of Oz and Buffy makes me really happy. Driving lessons - hee!
*nods* Oz will be making more appearances in my work in the next few months since he appears in the wolf!Buffy series in the next installation as well. Hee!

I'm giddy about the progress 'cause my muse is itching to work on some of my Stargate WIPs and an Anita Blake fic I've been playing around with on the side. ;)