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Big Bang

Okay so the Big Bang is finished and it reached a little over 50,000 words, which means I wrote 20,000 words more then I was suppose too. Whoops?

I did drop the buffy_bigbangcommunity because the lack of updates and moderator involvement. Though the talented and lovely Pol has created a nifty, awesome vid/trailer to go along with my fic’age that I’m still squee’ing about. I also might of, sort of started another wallpaper for her fic. Hee!

I plan to start the editing process tomorrow and possibly add more filler scenes to the story. I know I want to flesh-out the bad guy aspect a bit, but I have high hopes that I’ll be ready to start posting it at the beginning of May. *crosses fingers*

Oh WOW that is beyond amazing, you rock and should celebrate in whatever way you like.

I dropped that big bang too (thought not officially, don't think anyone would notice). I just couldn't focus on writing and would to one day do a big bang. Running one is a lot of fun though. sncross_bigbang is going to be turning out some amazing fics and I am already learning what not to do next year (be late with posts, tell myself I'll answer emails later and never do).

Congratulations on finishing your big bang, that is quite an accomplishment.
*blushes* Thanks!

That's great to hear about your big bang! Hosting communities is always a learning experience and I'm sure next year will be better and easier for you. I'll be sure to sign up for yours instead of the Buffy one next time. ;)

Thanks again!
Thank you! I was aiming for the 30,000 but the muse got away from me and made a lot of scenes longer then I intended them to be. Hee!
Whoo hoo!! Yay for for finishing the fic!!!

*blushes* And another wallpaper? SQEEE!!!! You are too good to me. *hugs tightly*

EDIT: It helps if I read the whole part about May. *shakes head* So Whoo hoo for beginning of May!! Which means I need to get off my butt and finish the final editing of the vid. Hmmm... not sure if mine will be ready for the beginning of May. Might be a little longer.

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I'm hoping for the beginning of May but I keep forgetting that I'll be outta town for nearly a week. Hee! So it might be closer to the middle of May. ;)

Of course I'm making you another wallpaper. You made me a vid! *cuddles it*
*pouts* that's right! You're leaving me for a week. I keep forgetting...

Yeah, but you've also made icons! I think a wallpaper and however many icons more than equals a short vid.
Yuh huh.

And btw, the vid is finished! I just finished editing the last of the glitches out. :D